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Sugar Free Chewing Gum...

....has anyone been eating it on LL?
I know they say not to but it's one of the biggest things I'm finding difficulty in abstaining from believe it or not!

One of the girls in my class lastnight admitted she'd had 4 pieces in her first week and she lost 11.5lbs...

I'm wondering what difference it REALLY makes just to have a couple of bits a week if anyone knows?
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Taking it Day by Day
Hi Scotsnats
It's funny the sort of things we're missing while on the programme. I don't know whether a sugar free gum or two would make a difference to the programme, but I suppose they must have had their reasons to exclude it.
I have the same temptation with milk in my tea. I have been fighting with myself over the last week. Similar thoughts than yours, (how much differnce can a little drop of milk in my tea really make?) as I hate black tea/coffee. I haven't given in so far, as I really want to see this through.
Also you shouldn't focus on that lady who "cheated" and still lost 11lbs. After all it was the first week, and anyone would have lost weight in that week being just on shakes (gum or no gum).
It's really, really hard some days to stay on this program and not even to give in a little bit but just think of the end result and why you want to lose the weight. Just take it one day at a time, and be proud of yourself for every day you managed on the programme.


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I gave in and had a bit yesterday! sorry!

I miss it sooo much too..


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Hi all

The reason for the ban on sugar free gum is because it keeps your tummy awake and makes you feel hungry so I suppose if you can stand that you can have it. The milk thing is psychological as the premise of the plan is to step away from normal eating to review what you are doing and by breaking the rules a little may make you more likely to break more.

Good luck it's not easy.

Suz x
I sympathise - I also loved my chewing gum, in fact, was probably addicted to it as it replaced my smoking quite a few years ago and ALWAYS had a piece in my mouth.
Another habit broken I hope though. and I haven't had a piece since I started LL over 7 wks ago.
My LLC admitted to splitting a stick of sugar free gum into 4 sections and eating it throughout the day to keep her breath fresh. She did this everyday whilst on ll and still lost alot of weight. Think if I did that though it would just encourage me to want to have more.


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G: 12st0lb
I was told not to have the sticks but the sugar free extra gum. I always have 1 when cooking and serving food to stop me picking. But if it makes you hungry dont do it.


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Oh no I didn't realize that sugar free gum was not allowed. Is it the same for CD.
I'm on week 3 of ssing and have been chewing like a cow ( am worried about stinky breath). I lost 11lb in 12 days, so I don't think it's made much of a difference. Am starting to wonder now.
Is it just the hunger issue or does it affect ketosis?
Sorry about all the questions just having a slight panic now!!


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G: 12st0lb
We are not supposed to have it.....as it can start hunger pangs off. But I do when cooking and serving up the food to stop me picking then spit it straight out.
Dont think it affects ketosis but I was told to check .....but I dont.


Just one day at a time

My leader said NO, but she knows of another leader that always had it and it made no difference. If it works for you and you are still losing and happy with what you are losing then...why not! If it start to slow down then you can always stop it again.



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Thanks for that. Was worried would have to stop chewing.
I'm finally learning to drive and wouldn't like to think that my poor instructor would have to endure bad breath for 2 hours a week!
Confession - I have sugar free NICOTINE GUM (in between fags!!!!!!:eek::eek::eek:;)) - just wait until July 1st, you smokers down South - you'll be doing it too! (better than diving outdoors all the time like a yoyo, and better than being the The Complete ***** From Hell - which I would be, if I stopped smoking while doing this diet........:D

ps. Dont think it affects the weight loss ....
S: 14st9lb C: 14st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 0st9lb(4.39%)
I'm in WEek 11 and have lost 50lbs - I have had a chewing gum (WRigley's Sugar Free Extra) every day the past 4 weeks! I don't cheat at all other than that and my LL counsellor told me that it is not really cheating as it is not going to take you out of ketosis or affect your weight loss, it is just that it may make you feel hungrier. I can live with the hunger pangs for the sake of saving those around me from the HIDEOUS breath!
Make sure it is sugar free though.


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i too was addicted to gum but once i was told i couldn't have it i quit
i now have a slug of water and a squirt of gold spot everytime i would have stuck gum in
not the same i know but it does help me
I've had no issues at all with sugar free gum and have had it since Day 1 purely for breath reasons! I spend way too long talking at people all day to subject them to the evil ketosis breath!

I think there's loads of stuff that doesn't have any impact on ketosis but is all banned due to psychological reasons. Which is fair enough I guess. And I definitely don't see chewing gum as 'cheating'. Its mint flavouring which is then spat out!! (well, politely placed in the nearest bin after a few chews!)


has started again!!
Wonder if thats why no Coke Zero on ll, while CDers can drink it? I really realy miss my diet coke. It was prob the one vice I had that was ok diet wise!


Taking it Day by Day
After reading all this, I think I will try some chewing gum, as my breath has gotten continually worse over the last couple of weeks to the point where even my sympathetic other half has commented. I really don't like the breath freshener sprays (they make me feel sick), so I will just see and observe whether some gum will affect my weight loss.
As for the no sugar drinks/milk etc, as someone has said, it is most likely for psychological reasons that we shouldn't have any. To abstain from any kind of "normal" food completely has defenitely helped me to start realising when I crave food the most. I still have a lot to learn though ( and still crave that milk)

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