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Sugar free chewing gum?


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You aren't supposed to have it as it can make you hungry, however I do sometimes. I try not to do it too much, only when my breath is like unbearable lol, but then again I've always chewed a lot of gum (I'm a teenager so let me off!) so I may be used to the hunger feeling. It doesn't take you out of ketosis or anything either.

But the official CD word on it is don't do it, so best to stick away from it if you can. xxx

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Oh this is very inciteful i was told i can have the sugar free gum, I was told "Extra" gum was fine and the cherry or liquorice airwaves. I was told to steer clear from all soft centred ones. I was also told i can have the "cambridge bars" straight away. Yet have seen that people have recommended to steer clear for the first 2 weeks! I chewed gum and ate the bars and lost 11lb in my first week. I'm now wondering if i should lay off them til after my second way in as i assume most of my first loss was water and i wouldnt want to effect my 2nd loss because of consuming extra to what i should be having!


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Hi everyone, was wondering can we have sugar free chewing gum on ss as I have a terrible taste in my mouth and yucky feeling tongue. The breath freshner just isn't doing it. Thanks. Zoe xx
Luci is right, you aren't meant to have gum, but here's the official wording from Cambridge website...

Can I chew calorie-free gum on the ‘Sole Source’ programme?

It is best not to because chewing gum stimulates the release of gastric juices which in turn will make you feel hungry. Only chew for 2 or 3 minutes if you feel you have to.

I'm thinking of getting some gum because the taste in my mouth is awful - and tooth brushing isn't helping much.


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If you do have gum, remember not to have the fruit flavoured ones as some contain cictric acid (in particular the soft centered ones as has been already mentioned....) xxx

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