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Sugar Free Gum

Does anyone know whether chewing gum has any adverse effect on your diet. I'm following weight to go and once of the things i find hard is not so much being hungry as the urge to chew on something - usually when i'm working at computer. (PLease don't anyone suggest a bone.) i bought a big pack of strawberry sugar free orbit but it does actually seem to have some calories in it. Is that only if you swallow it? which i wasn't planning to do. i don't want to get tripped up by any sneaky little extras. Any advice please?
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All I know is that chewing gum prepares your body and brain to eat which makes you hungry and crave food, so I would advice against chewing gum!


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I think the cals in gum are just the cals you get from chewing it. I don't think there's many downsides to gum, in moderation! The sugar-free type is probably best, good for saliva production and combating plaque after a meal. But I've heard that excessive consumption of sugar-free gum can cause some nasty side effects because the sweetener sorbitol can act as a laxative. Apparently people have lost a lot of weight and had some serious bowel problems after chewing too much of the sugar-free type.

I've also heard about people who over-chew having problems with their jaw - temporomandibular joint and all that jazz, so maybe be careful you're not chewing too much.

Maybe keep a little box of crunchy snacks in your desk drawer? A broken up couple of Alpen light cereal bars, fruity ryvita, brazil nuts, dried banana... even some fresh chopped up veggies can be good for satisfying the chew urge! A couple of Werther's original sweets interspersed with the gum might also help - they last for ages, not too high in cals, and it might help cut down on too much gum.


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I know chewing gum causes bloating, from swallowing air as you chew. I suffer from TMJ dysfunction and its painful!

I like to buy the single portion boxs of frosties and crunchy nut cornflakes etc and nibble on those as a treat. Quite low in cals too.
Hmm, now all the above is very interesting. I chewed a load of gum during induction, mainly due the side effects of ketosis. ;) I wasn't worried about the calories obviously, but the sugar free ones were a godsend.
Thanks folks

thats all interesting. I'll maybe make sure i keep it in reserve for emergencies rather than just replace one habit with another! I really do need a stock of healthy little snacks. carrots would probably do the job great. i know it sounds daft but when i'm working it helps me think by doing something else absentmindedly at the same time, I guess the same as other people do buckets of coffee or fags or doodle on post it notes! I'll maybe get something to fiddle with instead - one of those stress balls or something squashy!


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Lip balm can be a good fiddly habit for the orally fixated! ;)

Loads of tasty flavours and you can build up a little collection of your favourites to keep in the drawer, giving your lips a treatment whenever you feel fiddly. And, hey, you get super-soft lips out of the deal, too!

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