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sugar V sweetener


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There are a lot of calories in sugar... so you need to think about that..
I have sweetener in all my hot drinks.


Violet is shrinking
which sweetener do you use?

i remember using one a few years ago and it tasted like crushed paracetamol and was foamy on the top..eeuw!
I use them all.. I've got cheap ones for work.. and canderel for my bag. And Tesco ones for home...
I do prefer out of what I use the canderel, and I only have 2 of those but 3 of the others... there is one, but not sure which one off the top of my head that doesn't have aspartame in it, which is what they say isn't good for you.. I don't know why, so if anyone could let me know why, that would be fab


Violet is shrinking
can you get canderel in tablets and in the powdery form?

its the aspartame i wasnt sure of..ive seen one in a yellow jar thats meant to be quite popular too :)
From memory, the yellow jar is splenda... not sure what itlike re aspartame. Yes you can get canderel in powder and tablets, but I only use tablets, so much easier.

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