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Sugar_snap's food diary!

Keeping track on minimins will probably be the best thing for me.
I have been paying the monthly pass, but can no longer afford to pay just to be weighed!!
Now I know the system, and how everything works, I am going to follow weight watchers freelance from the 10th July. But until then, I am weighing in with my leader!

So ... Food. My nemisis yet my survival lays in it's hand. My leader told me that if you don't track ... you can underestimate your intake up to 50%!!! Thats crazy. So I am now a weighing and tracking goddess!

Today is a start of a new day, and this week is going to be HIT with a heavy weight loss!

Breakfast = bacon roll (5.5points)

Lunch = Ham and salad roll with chipsticks crisps (4 points)

= peach (0.5points)

Dinner = sirloin steak (150g=3.5points) with carrots and pearl potatoes (200g=2.5points) and a corn on the cob (small - 1point) and a teaspoon of can't believe its not butter light (1point)

Drinks = Cup of tea - 1 point (1 sugar and dash of milk)
Water x3
Sugar free squash x 3

A total of 19 points ... I am allowed 22, so will probably have a satsuma (0.5points) and a WW yoghurt (0.5points) later on if I get peckish!

Otherwise - not a bad day if I do say so myself! :)

Roll on tomorrow! ;)
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WI this morning.

1.5lb LOSS :woohoo:

Extremely happy about that, as weighing food really hasn't been my forte this week. Went to a new meeting today and the lady was SO SO SO helpful. :thankyou:
She explained lots of things and decided that I should be on a point less (as I am nearly 21). Which makes me feel better because some days I think I am on too many.

Back on track todaaaay, yes sir!
So far I haven't eaten anything.
Need to go to the shops and get milk etc.
So plan is to eat:

Breakfast = Special K with milk (3points)

Lunch = Ham salad roll and chip sticks and yoghurt (4.5 points)

Dinner = Something along the lines of fish and veg and potatoes? (8points ish?)
We will see about that one.

Snacks = 2 satsuma's (0.5 points)
Apple = 0.5 points
maybe a cheeky cup of tea and WW sponge slice (2.5points)

totalling at = 19 points (approx)

Will update later to see if I stuck to this plan or not. lol.

Today went sort of to plan.

Breakfast = half a wholemeal roll with ham (1.5points)

at about 11.30 I was hungry so I had a snack!

Snack = Bowl of crunchy nut and milk (3.5points)

Lunch = had a late lunch of a wholemeal ham and salad roll with reduced fat pesto (3 points)

Dinner = just finished dinner and I had 80g of spaghetti pasta and half a jar of WW parmesan and pesto pasta sauce with 30g of cheese (9points). DELICIOUS!!!!

This equates to 17 points so will be having a toffee yoghurt and 2 satsumas to snack on in the evening, leaving the final point total at:

18 points!

My "temporary" leader told me today 18 was the minimum I could eat, and told me to get some activia to eat in the mornings to help with my digestion. So will try that!

Overall a good day, I avoided LOADS of temptations considering I went food shopping and didn't buy ONE thing which I couldnt comfortably eat on WW, without worrying about how many points left. No naughty "treats" or anything, just fruit and veg, yoghurts and juice and things like that! Hurrah! My partner was eating bacon sarnies at around 6pm too and a big bowl of wedges and sour cream, I didnt even have one. :angel09:

Anyway, fluid wise I have had 4 600ml glasses of water and sugar-free squash, so thats good. A cup of tea and I plan to get at least another glass of water down before bed! I am peeing so much more!
Very pleased with my self today :)

After last nights post ... I trotted off to the gym for an hour, and really gave it some. 10 mins fast and resistance on bike - 75 cals burnt
20 mins on crosstraining (on total body work out mode)
Weights (15 mins) and stretches and ab workouts with my friend (20 mins roughly).

Today I am aching, but it is a reminder that I WILL LOSE THIS WEIGHT!

I am also going to my pilates class this evening :)

Breakfast = tropicana orange juice (250ml) 1.5points
Crunchy nut and milk - 3points

lunch and snacks= made it this morning, ready to go. Ham salad wholemeal roll, chipsticks, 2 satsuma's, an apple and a WW toffee yoghurt .. 5.5points

Dinner = fish and veg tonight with some pearl potatoes perhaps.

Good week ahead of me. No chance of snacking too much because I am at work ALL week 9-5.30 so no time for snacking really. Tomorrow we are going out for dinner with some family, so already looked at menu and im having a salmon salad for 8points, diet coke. No starters, no puddings. I am a main course girl anyway :)

Have a good day everyone :)

What a stressful day, but good with food thankfully.

I had so many cravings it was unreal. Chips in the canteen for lunch or Mcdonalds with my mates.. ? No I stuck to my ham salad wholemeal roll.
For dinner I was amssively craving chinese ... I asked about points. But told myself to get a grip and eat what I planned ... so I did!
Fish and veg and some potato!


GO ME!!!

This was hard because usually I just give into cravings, and think oh well, ill try harder tomorrow.

So I have had 18 points today. But will have a yoghurt and some fruit before bedtime I am sure.
So roughly 19-20 points in total.

Been trying to save some so tomorrow night when we go out for dinner (In harvester), I can have lots of salad with some chicken and chips!!! CHIPS!! Yummmmmmy :)


Yesterday was ok considering I ate lunch AND dinner out.

Breakfast - crunchy nut and milk (3points)

Lunch - really small plate of over chips at work (approx 6 points to be safe)

Dinner - Harvester quater of a chicken spitroast (took off the skin!) and salad and half a jacket potato and salad - but no dressings or anything!! (approx 12 points to be safe)

Equating to roughly 21 points. ish. lol.
But its ok because today will be a super good day!!! healthy healthy healthy!

Have a good day everyone! :)
Today hasn't been too bad, I am pleased to report.

Breakfast = crunchy nut cornflakes (3.5 points)

Lunch = wholemeal roll with ham and salad (3 points)
apple (0.5 points) and a philly light with breadsticks packet (2.5 points)

Dinner = will be small jacket potato with small tuna steak and some fresh veg. (around 8 points)

In total today, I will have eaten all 21 points with my yoghurt after etc! :)

Feeling quite rubbish today, working for Sky over the summer, and they have released the shifts to state im working pretty much 9-6.30 ish thurs, fri, sat and sun. Meaning when the hell do I weigh?!?! Seen as I like to weigh in the mornings ... and i've paid :(

This job is so **** lol. Waiting for a family to get back to me about nannying for them over the summer - that will make me soooo happy so I hope they get back to me soon!!

Hope evryone has had a good day :)
Good day!

Breakfast = crunchy nut (small bowl) and milk - 3points

Lunch = sausage and mash WW ready meal - 5.5 points

Snack = 2 pieces of toast with some pate -5points

13.5 points so far but I probably wont eat much more today - perhaps a sandwich or something with salad or veg. But I will bump it up to at least 18 points! :)

I am excited for WI this week for a change ... got to WI on Monday because of the work shifts :( But hey ho! So Monday 10am ... HERE I COME! Roll on 2+loss this week please :)

Feeling positive today, working a 63 hour (7 day) week this week so have to feel positive, 43 hours next week so not too bad lol cuts the snacking down thats for sure!!! Only get 3 breaks on shift ... 15min, 30min then another 15mins. And thats all ... no time to eat really other than lunch!

Hope everyone is feeling as positive as I am this week!

Evening all.

Today I have worked a 10 and half hour shift at work, and am KNACKERED!!!

I have officially used ALL 21 points today!! :)

Breakfast - crunchy nut and milk - 3 points

Lunch - ham and salad sandwich, walkers baked crisps, an apple and a tesco lighter maple syrup bar (6.5points for it all.)

Dinner - WW tikka masala and rice (with chicken) and a tiny bit of naan bread. (6points)

Snack - a drifter chocolate bar (oh how I regret that now ... impulse eating) - 5POINTS!!!! rip off lol.

Will have a yoghurt before bed, and then that is my full 21 points! Hurrah! I have really been struggling to get em all in, but that chocolate bar really did it for me today lol.

Tomorrow I am having NO chocolate, its official :) Plan is to eat same breakfast and lunch as today, and fajitas for dinner! Yum Yum Yum.

Hope everyone has had a really good day :)
Yesterday was fineeee I am pleased to say.
Thought it was going to be tough as Saturday used to be our take away night.

Breakfast = crunchy nut and milk (3points)

Lunch = WW wholemeal ham and salad sandwich and a packet of baked crisps (4.5points)

Dinner = 3 WW fajita's (chicken,peppers, onions cheese and sour cream) ... 10.5points

Snack = starbucks skinny, sugar-free vanilla lattee and an apple (3points)

Totaling at 21 points. Wooooooop!! :)

I was at work yesterday 9.30 til 6, I had my lunch at about 2ish. I was STARVING again by 5. Thankfully I had no more breaks and I didn't munch on anything when I got in because I started making dinner!

I am at work again today ... 9.30-6 :( 7th day in a row now!

Plan is:

Breakfast = crunchy nut and milk (3points) and small glass of tropicana (1.5points)

Lunch = WW wholemeal ham, salad sanwich and baked crisps and an apple. (5points)

Dinner = spaghetti pasta, half jar of WW pasta sauce and meatballs. (5.5 for meatballs, 1 for pasta sauce and 80g of pasta is 4 points ... 10.5 points for the lot).

Meaning 20 for the whole day ... allowing me to have a yoghurt and some watermelon for my snacks in the evening! :)

This is the plan, and I think I will be sticking to it!

Day off tomorrow ... and WI tomorrow at 10am! wish my luck!!!

was weighed and lost 2.5lbs so thats good! :)

Not had a fabulour few days with food though.

Today I have eaten crunchy nut for breakfast, and a cheese salad sandwich with some chips ... resulting in probably 13 points in total and I am yet to eat dinner.
Stir fry tonight. 7 points total and that it all for today!

Yesterday, well I picked most of the day. But am sure I went over. Haven't been tracking as I should :(

Back on track though as from this second in time. Track, Track, Track. Water, Water, Water!!!!!

ok .. 3 days ago I wrote last. Not been too bad. But yet again, not completely on the WW wagon. More like half on half off. Not eating toooooo bad foods... but probably eating more than I should.

Well ... today this ends. I have booked (and paid for) a 7 night holiday in BARCELONA!!!! So I have booked it for then 16th September - 23rd which gives me plenty of time to LOSE this weight. All of it.

I am so determined. Today I gymmed for an hour and swam for an hour. I had cereal for breakfast, 6inch subway for lunch (chicken breast and salad), and have had a small piece of french stick with ham and mustard and salad, and in an hour or so OH wil be cooking a healthy chicken stirfry.

Gym and swim again tomorrow.

Hello salads, goodbye BULGE!!!!

Blogging again. I feel like eating naughty foods so I am going to come on here and talk about my holiday and how I am going to look thin and gorgeous and confident in a BIKINI.

I am aiming to lose stone and half in 11 weeks - so roughly 2 lbs a week. BRING.IT.ON!!!!! I gymmed yesterday and swam - same routine today. Am working for the next 7 days in a row ... mostly until 11pm, so my worst time for food is in the evening, so this won't be a problem hopefully this week!
Tomorrow however I am workin a 9-5pm, so going to miss the WI, but will go to one on tuesday instead. I have stopped paying for the subscription now ... I need to save spending money for this holiday!!!

But I think I might pop in to be weighed every 2 weeks ... just so it's not soooo expensive, but I still have the daunting task of ensuring I lose weight. And perhaps just fill in my own weight loss chart :) Good idea!

Today my food is going to go like this:

Breakfast = cereal
Lunch = a turkey salad wholemeal roll and baked crisps
Dinner = Stir fry with chicken

Yesterday I didn't really eat a "dinner" as such. I had some french stick with salad and ham, and at about 10pm I had a food doctor healthy wholemeal pitta with some mozerella cheese.

So still less points ... :)

Today my points should equate to roughly 17 or 18. So will have fruit and a yoghurt for snacks.

Hope everyone is doing well!!
Yesterday I ate

Cereal (3 points)
Brocolli and cheese pasta with salad (8 points)
Pork loin with jacket potato and salad (8 points)

So about 19 points.

Today I have a busy day ahead of me.

Going to go to run tonnes of errands in a mo, followed by a hard workout at the gym ... and then eat lunch and then get ready for work!


Been up and down recently with WW. Some good days, some bad days.

B= cereal (3.5 points)
L= chicken sizzler ready meal (5.5 points) 2 satsumas (0.5points)
D= 2 mini garlic ciabattas (a whopping 15 points ... I wish I checked before!!!)

Total = 24.5 points

Cereal (3.5points)
L= WW tomato soup and 2 WW petit pain (4points)
D= 2 fajita wraps (10 points)
S=2 satsumas

Total = 18 points

2 slices bread and 1 egg (4points)
L=parma ham sandwich with some low fat coleslaw (4points)
D=Savory rice, red cabbage, burger in bun, corn on cob (13 points)
S= 2 satsumas

Total = 21.5 points


cereal (3.5points)
L=WW tomato soup and 2 pieces of bread (3 points)
D= Chinese style pork, potato, sweetcorn, peas and carrots and some gravy (11points)
S= Strawberries and cream

TOTAL = 20 points!

I am finding it really difficult these days and seeing no losses is making me even more reluctant to stick to it. I am allowed 20 points until I drop just half a lb. Then it goes down to 19. So I certainly have gone over on many days (but luckily I havent put ON any weight).
Going to stick right back to it now. Sorted my week out with regards to work so should get back into my routine.

Been quite stressful with money aswell - which only makes you want to eat even more! Nightmare.
WI on Monday. I just pray that I have lost a lb at least.

I went swimming this morning for half hour; which is better than none I guess. Going to try and hit the gym at 6am tomorrow too. Early bed for me tonight!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well :)

Any tips for me?? Please share!!!
Today has been a good day overall so far.

B= ham salad roll (had no milk lol) 4 points
L= ham salad roll, baked crisps, activia yog and satsuma - 5 points
D= 2 pork and pepper kebabs, potato squares (homemade) and sweetcorn - 9 points

18 points roughly so far. Think I am going to have a milky way choc bar before bed time ... making it up to 20 points total for today.

WI tomorrow. Please God let me lose at least a lb. Otherwise I might cry lol. Been struggling recently, and finding it reallllly difficult to stay motivated 8 weeks in and only 11lbs lost. Drank LOADS of water over the last few days so hoping this is going to help. the problem I have is awkward working times, and having a sit on ass job. If I start work at 8am ... and dont finish til 7 some nights - I really don't want to be hitting gym after a day like that.
Tomorrow I am in 8.30 til 3 ... so thinking I might go to work - get home and either gym or swim or even both straight after work. Carry the stuff with me so I dont even have a chance to go home before doing it.
Extremely tired today after not going to bed til late - mother in law calls at 12am are not welcome when you have to get up so early. :rant2:

I think an early night is in order for me :zz: ... after I have had a nice long relaxing bubbley bath, and a cuppa! :cool:

anyway - tomorrow is another longggg day. I think cereal for breakfast, and soup and bread for lunch ... followed by perhaps a homemade curry orrr chicken and veg, something like that. So lets hope it goes to plan!

Night all :)
WI this morning .

Lost 1.5lbs. which is AMAZING considering I have had such slow weight loss over the last few weeks. :D YAY! Back on track to my bikini boddddy :)

19lbs left to lose ... 2lbs a week (my holiday is in 9 weeks!!) I have lost 12.5 lbs so far. CHUFFED with myself. this is now almost the most I have lost ever in my lifetime. (CD I lsot a stone and half but put it all back on + more! :( )
I am so happy right now.

aww thanks so much chipbutty! :) I hope so!!!

I sneakily weigh myself everyday - just so I stay focused. And I am pleased to announce that I am exactly 11 stone 11 ... meaning I have lost .... *drum roll*


YUAYAAYYAYAYAYAYAY :talk017: :woohoo: :banana dancer: :stickdance: :stickdance: :stickdance:

So so so so so so happy. I have been struggling for a little while and the motivation really wasnt there - but the last few days I have really dug my heels in and stuck to it and eating good foods - and its paid off!! WOOOOPIESS!!

Yesterday :

B= cereal (3.5 points)
L= no time for lunch so had a diet coke can and a packet of french fries crisps (1.5points)
D= Stiry fry (7 points)
S= milky way bar and 2 cups of tea (3points)

TOTAL = 15 points.

Exercise = swimming for half hour, followed by a sweat it out in the sauna! (saunas are excellent for Weight Loss)

Happy with yesterday, and today is going to be another good day!

I have my little brothers prom thing this weekend - so my aim is to lose another 2 lbs before saturday ... lets do this!!!!!!

I am officially a stone lighter and feel fantastic about it. Chuffed is not the word. I never stick to diets - I give in when times get tough.

To add to this ... I am losing weight whilst on my anti-depressants (started these 3 weeks ago) ... my doctor said these make you put on weight so to watch my intake now more than ever. So for me to lose ANY weight is an achievement.


Have a good day all!!!


Silver Member
S: 14st5.5lb C: 14st3lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 0st2.5lb(1.24%)
Hi hun, i see our goal is the exact same and the same(ish) amount of weight to lose. I too am hoping for a 2lb loss per week. This week will be dodgy for me as i'm adjusting to the new woe. I smell a challenge ha ha.xxx

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