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sukie sue's lite RTM

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
well starting lites rtm today in prep for my holls in a few weeks.
looking forward to being able to run a distance and get out again .
think i might go back to lite after as ideally id like to get below my weight now , but im also thinking realistically and i know ill a, deal better on ship if im following something structured and b, im doing the great north run again this year in sept and im really dying to crack on with training now , so im very much going to play it by ear and enjoy the journey :D
so will start a log tomorrow on day two as today has been very samish as lite up to now, but have made a big fab pot of chilli with chickpeas , butter beans and kidney beans so will be having that tomorrow.
so wish me luck
hope youre all having a fab sunday xx
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sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
well woke expected to have gained a massive 5 stone due to the extra 50g of meat i could have yesterday and the snack i had of some cherry tomatoes and philli light. but . no :rolleyes: mmmm i completely forgot how much rtm plays with youre head. the exitement of a larger choice of food coupled with the fear of loosing control. mm will have to watch myself , but i am exited about being able to train a little . woo hoo :0)

...............so bring it on !!!!:D
hi there
good luck!
daisy x

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
oh goodness me !!!
i totally forgot how gorgeous and sweet fruit can be , had a snack of half an apple and a mandarin , what a treat !!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
so today was the 1st day that ive really worked at adding some new foods so ;

breakfast ;
ll porridge

vanilla shake

snack ;
half an apple and a mandarin

three bean chilli and cauliflower /mushroom 'rice'

evening snack
ll bar
lots of water still so feeling ok


I Can Do This!
Hi - sounds like you're enjoying the food.

How does the RTM lite work? It's just 4 weeks?

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hi there , yes its 4 weeks , so its pretty quick , im heading onto hubbies ship so i think ill just do 12 days of week 3 while im there rather than go on to week 4 where its pretty much everything , im really wanting to finish of lite and lose another stone so will go back to regular class on the sunday after im back . i just wanted to have more otions on board , but not free reign so this suited well :0) fingers crossed:D

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
so day 3 ,
had ll porridge and a few strawberrys and black forest fruit berries.

strawberry shake

chicken breast 'fried' with lots of mushrooms served with
griddled asparagus and peppers
small chopped fruit salad and little fat free yoghurt

snack nightime
ll bar and decaf coffee.
right ! had to give in to my retentive controling side and start logging my food on wlr , just cant help myself !!! i know we shouldnt but it helps me feel in control, which in turn stops me freaking out :0)

so today; 971 kcal ( panic over only about 200 more than on lite , does this sound about right for the 1st week min ?)
speed walked 2 miles todays so thats about
150 kcal too :0)
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sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
evening all , well day 4 on rtm and im feeling much more relaxed today , mostly because im logging my food on wlr.
so today

ll porridge with baked apple and cinamon (thanks min , gorgeous!!)and some berrys

couldnt face shake in this weather,

carrot and cucumber sticks with 30g philli light

fab salad of american salad , cucumber and tomato with 200g cold king prawns.
left a fare bit as a bit full
but did have a little 50g 0% greak yoghurt with other half of baked apple.:eek:

plan to have cranberry bar .

bought some quorn products today exited to try them and some tofu , no idea what im to do with it but ill look for recipies . stir fry it i guess :confused:

does anyone know when on lite rtm we can have beansprouts ?, it not on any weeks veg list but its low in carbs , dying to have a good old stir fry :0)

hope alls well with everyone , gorgeous day but very hot in the salon , im soooo tired every evening not sure what to do with myself :D
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sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
well settling into the routine now and im enjoying making healthy choices again ,
must admit spent most of yesterday evening fighting in my own head, felt 'hungry' , knew i wasnt but felt crappy and stuffy with hayfever , thought i probably craved comfort or that ive come out of ketosis. well today totm arrived finally so felt fine , hunger normal and i checked today and no longer in ketosis so thats cool, im managing ok without the security of it !!!
so today ive had the following

ll porridge with nectarine and strawberry in it

again cant be bothered with shake so had my snack of veg sticks and a little cottage cheese about 2 ish .

baked salmon with american salad and tomato, with activia fat free yoghurt for desert.
couple of grapes

plan to have a decaf coffee and toffe/nut bar combo

969 calories in total
walked my 2 miles 150 kcal

little concerned that im not having 3rd pack but just cant be bothered , id rather have some veg as a snack . ahhhh not going to stress too much about it ill be on 2 packs in a couple of days anyway.but still niggling me ;0)
hi there
you sound like you are doing great!
i was really sad when i realised i wasn't in ketosis as i thought i was going to be really hungry all the time - but i'm not, and i have found i quite like it when i am - i never was pre LL - i realise i had a fear of being hungry, so never was!

keep up the good work
daisy x

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hey all.
well lost 1.8lb on 1st week of lite rtm , didnt really expect it but pleased as ive still weight to loose and any i loose now is less to loose when i go back to lite after my hols.
so week 2 , 2 meals , 2 packs , hopefully ill manage this ok as ive struggled with the packs as well as food.

had bar for breakfast with a apple and 0% fat free pro biotic yoghurt drink.

lunch was out so
carrot ,broccoli, turnip and cauliflower with roast beef and gravy.

went to cinema and had,in lue of dinner pre packed mixed fruit cocktal and carrot sticks with reduced fat red pepper houmus.
had some of daughters salted popcorn ( shame :eek:)i know !!!but over it !!!

im full (prob the little bit of starchy popcorn) so just had coffee instead of 2nd pack.

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