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Summer Ball this friday

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Hi all

I just wondered if anyone had any advice. I have a work summer party coming up, with a 3 course sit down dinner this friday. I've seen the menu and it's pretty much my favourites! (I wont whet your appetites!)

I haven't told anyone at work that I am doing this, as I don't want all the questions, and negative comments from "know it alls". However, it is going to be really obvious if i don't eat anything at all.

Believe it or not, I actually don't really want to eat because I'm scared that I will struggle the next day to get back 100%, or worse, will put on weight this week. If i have a bit of a nibble at things and push the rest around my plate a bit, will it do lots of damage to my weight loss? And will I have to fight the hunger pains again for the next 3 or 4 days?

Any advice will be much appreciated!

Thanks :)
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If you really don't want to eat, don't :)

Who gives 2 hoots whether you eat - and if people mention anything tell them you are on a strict diet regime and don't intend on breaking it.


Here we go again!
I totally agree with Tanya on this one. If you don't want to eat, don't!

If you are afraid what people say why not come up with a different excuse. Say you have an upset stomach or that you ate earlier and don't feel great or anything really.

Don't eat because you feel pressured to do so though, that is your choice and you shouldn't eat just because others think you should be.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do and I hope you have a lovely time.


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I agree with both already said.....yes it will be hard to get back on 100% even if its a nibble, iv been there and boy it was hard.......I would just say im on a diet and have already had my meal .......sit with a glass of water.......good luck

Just a thought, but could you turn up after meal? and say you has some sort of crisis at home.
That way you wont have to endure watching people eat and the opportunity for their questions will be long gone.
Have a lovely time hun


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I went to a dinner dance a while ago and sat through a four course meal. I had no problem at all. I took one of the flapjacks and made it last through all the courses with a jug of water. I offered to sell the raffle tickets and managed to sell them all! I was the first on the dance floor too. Not once did I feel left out or awkward. Admitedly, we were with freinds instead of colleagues but it still took some explaining. The good thing was, I had already lost a bit of weight and everyone thought I looked great so understood.

Try not to break it if you can. You will make things so much more difficult for yourself. It's not worth upsetting the diet for. I have now lost 50 pounds in 10 weeks. This is just one meal. You'd be better off staying home than taking two steps back but of course, it's your call chick. All the best anyway. x


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Just to give a bit of balance. If you have determination and let's face it those of us who have been on this diet for even a short while do have it - then you can transfer that determination to getting back on track if you do decide to eat the food.

Just be prepared to not lose much that week and your goal date potentially going back a week too.

I broke my TFR to go out drinking and dancing on a Friday night - completely my choice. Check out my signature - did me no harm whatsoever in the long run and for me it actually helped as I received some really positive comments on how I was looking that night that it spurred me on to lose the rest.

Good luck in whatever decision you make - just own it for yourself and you will be fine x

Lisa x
S: 13st2lb C: 12st0lb G: 8st12lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 1st2lb(8.7%)
Hey all, thanks for all your advice! I went to the ball on friday, and i had two mouthfuls of the starter, and about 3 mouthfuls of the main course. I actually didn't want any more than that and that left me full! I was so pleased that it wasn't even difficult to put my knife and fork down when my plate was still full! and i just got weighed and have lost 4lbs this week, so no damage done!


No longer a redhead though!
S: 15st2.7lb C: 14st9.7lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 37.6 Loss: 0st7lb(3.29%)
Hey Jenster - that is fabulous news....well done you. And well done for knowing what you are capable of doing!

Lisa x

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