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Summer Cinema Releases

I cant believe how many great films are out this summer. I am going to try and see them all (well the ones i like) but it will be a different experience with out my popcorn and lovely Nachos, mmmm. :(

The ones i will defo be going to see are: Shrek 3, Harry Potter, Rush Hour 3, Die Hard, The Simpsons, Still have to see POTC 3, and after i watch Oceans 11 and 12 this week, i will be going to see Oceans 13. I also cant wait to watch Hairspray. I love that film. The musical will be starting in London in October time. I think i might go see it for my birthday.

Anyway, if anyone has any reviews of the flms i have mentioned (the ones that have been realised obviousley, lol) that would be fab.

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It does look a good summer for films.

I took my boys to see Shrek the Third yesterday and although compared to other animated films it is very good, it is nowhere as good as the first 2 Shreks.

Still well worth the trip to the cinema though.


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me kids and dp did not like the new shrek its gone on a little to far now lol ,

but im booked already for the first showing on release day of harry potter i can not wait :)


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I see there is a Shrek 4 planned for 2010!!!

It's a shame but this really would spoil it I think. There is also a spin off film planned for Puss in Boots.
I heard about the spin off for puss in boots but i didnt know there is going to be a Shrek 4. I think they are taking it abit too far now. I dont think the puss in boots spin off will do very well either.

My sister went to see Shrek 3 last night and said it wasn't all that good. She preferred the second one.

I dont think it was ever going to be better than the other 2. My favourite has got to be the first, it was just amazing.

I might go see shrek 3 this week but i might wait untill next week when i get hold of my CD Choc bars.

Will defo be going to se Harry Potter next week though, cant wait :).

I watched Kill Bill: Vol 2 last night. I preferred this one to the first because there was less blood and gore. I cant watch films like that, i'm to squeamish (sp?). But i had to watch vol 2 after 1, you just have too. I didnt think much of the ending though.

xx :)
Anyone been to see Die Hard 4.0:confused:. I know its abit early yet but i have read good reviews about it and can't wait to go see it.

I got my new glasses today, :D YEY :D. I dont have to sit up close to the cinema screen now and skwint for 2 hours, lol.

Guess what i read in a magazine today, they'e makin another Indiana Jones. I was thinking that they must be joking because Harrison Ford is getting on abit. But if Brucey can do it and Sly Stallone, then why not. ;)

I think its out in May 2008!I Can't wait :D

I cant stop huming the Inidanna Jones tune now, lol :D

xx :)


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I went to see Hostel 2 on Friday night. It was what you would expect, especially if you saw the first one, and it was quite good if you like that kind of thing


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I've just seen a tiny clip of Hairspray - John Travolta looks bril - deffo going to see that! The kids want to see Shrek too, (I think they'll like it 'cos we're an easy to please family when it comes to fillums! :D)

I must admit to fancying a look at the new Die Hard flick too (Bruce is yummy even though he can be quite ignorant to people in real life :mad::eek:)
I think i am going to go watch Harry Potter :D before going to watch Shrek 3 or Die Hard. I havent got the money right now to watch all these movies so i think i will watch harry and then hairspray, which does look absolutely awesome :D and then all the ones that are already released.

I have my new glasses now so nothing can stop me :cool:, lol, well apart from having no money :rolleyes:.
I am getting really impatient now waiting for the Harry Potter film. I wont even be seeing it first night because all my mates are busy :(. Have to wait untill weekend :(.

I have decided that after watching this one i am going to read all the Harry Potter books before the next film is released.

Cant wait for Hairspray either. I want to go watch it at the theatre for my birthday, hopefully i will be able too :) xx
I couldn't believe that is John Travolta as the mum in Hairspray - really looking forward to that & Harry Potter :wavey:
He looks awesome, lol. I think he looks pretty too, lol. ;)

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