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summer toning secret

hey just thought id give you a tip of mine, when i was in ozz i got a pair of "fit-flops" and you can buy then here now - theyre flipflops that work out your legs and arse! i have been wearing them all week at work as its been sunny and i can definately feel it,

just thought they might be especially good for people on SS who want to do a bit of toning but not too much, i totally reccomend them.
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i feel it in my ass the most! especially when you walk on a slight hill - loads of nurses wear the black mbt trainers at work here, and they are the same principal but not as fugly :p

just make sure they fit tight. john lewis stock them.
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I've read about those too, they sound like a good idea but I tend to steer away from flip flops altogether as I'm really clumsey and I often find I'm prone to tripping up in flip flops!


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I will give them a go too. (I've already got a pair of Chung-Shi trainers - à la Jerry Hall, etc. - which are good, but they feel so big and ugly!) I do believe in these shoes, and anything which lets the feet breathe is even better. Thanks! :)

(PS. There's a lot on eBay if anyone's interested - unfortunately not my size! :cry:)
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I got some boots that work on the same principle and can't walk far on them before my calves are killing me.
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what are they called sounds good !! i do a lot of walking and need to tone


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I had a pair of fitflops last summer, and they def toned my calves and bum.
I have got another 2 pairs for this summer, some black suede ones and a sparkly pair for evenings on hols.
I can honestly say they are the so comfortable (if you like toe post sandals) and I wear mine all year around the house.
Got my latest pairs from the Cloggs website as they seemed to have the best deals at the time.


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I have just ordered my 7th pair! They are brilliant!


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just found out they are called flip flop walkstar or fit flops - lol !!
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These sound gr8!! I may have to check them out! Thanks for the tip :) heres to a toned summer!!! xxx


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Oh I like the sound of them too! We will all be wearing them at this rate....with out toned bots! hee hee

Thanks for the advice!


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I LOVE my fitflops and I'm so pleased the weather has allowed me to get them out!

I have to be honest though - I wore them ALL the time last year indoors and out whenever the weather allowed and I never noticed anything happening with legs and bum - however - my bad back disappeared. A few weeks after having to put them away for the winter it was back and has been lurking ever since which is why I'm so pleased to be able to wear them again.

If possible it's better if you can try them. My proper size is 5.5 so I wear 5s or 6s usually, 5.5s being few and far between. My first pair of fitflops are a 4 and the sparkly gold pair I got so I could wear them at night as well are a 5.
I got a pair for my son who also suffers with his back - he takes a 10 but had to get an 11 ..... x
I bought the metallic bronze fitflops last summer and just walked about normally wearing them like slippers.I didn't notice any difference at all until a friend told me how to use them properly. You have to do the whole heel through to toe movement - and wow did my calves ache then - wouldn't be without them now and am about to get some mbt trainers too.
i love them, plus when you wear those normal rubbery thong flip flops they're so flat i get achy legs and a sore lower back but these are great for posture too - hope you all found links, i would suggest trying a pair on in john lewis if you can then ordering off cheaper internet site as i am a 6 but had to get a 5 cause they need to be tight on - you dont click-clack about in them. just google "fit flop" and you should find lots of sites that sell them.


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I'd love a pair but can't wear toe post flip flops.
Never mind.

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