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Summer weightloss goal

The spring season was a very difficult period for me and one where rather than losing weight found me ending it heavier than I started.
I am hoping that I am now over that however and am looking forward to making the most of the summer and trying to get some of this weight back off again.
My goal period is 1st July - 30th September

Jacqui - sw 234 - target 225 - target met
Kathryn - sw 13'8 - target 13'5 - 3lb 2/10/11
Zoso - sw - target - 14lb to go - 17/7/11
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I'll sign up again. I managed a STS the same which is a bit disappointing.

So - take my starting weight as 13st 8lbs and I'm going to aim for 3lbs by the end of September!
Good morning.
Well I have managed to start this challenge period in a positive fashion and have had a loss :) 0.7kg or 1.5lb

Good luck to everyone else this week


Mostly harmless
good job Jacqui!! :)
STS for me but not entirely surprising (as I haven't been out walking and not been massively brilliant food wise)

Fully expecting weight on this week as totm is approaching!
Hi Hon

Well you have sts, but you have ideas as to why this might be, you know you can lose weight. Is there anything in your head at the moment that is stopping you?

I am trying to delay my weigh in this week as we went away for 4 days for a wedding and to sprinkle dads ashes so I know I overate and also ate the wrong things so not looking forward to getting on the scales.


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did you ladies know there is already a summer one???
Hi Kes
Yeah this one started off my own personal challenges (have been going from one challenge to another for a while now) each time I have just said that if anyone wants to join me along the way they can. I think this is about the 6th that Kathryn has joined me with now.
I find smaller groups more support and motivation which is why I have always done my own.
I think the other summer one covered June anyway which we had as Spring.

Jacqui - i think it's just a food issue. I just eat too many sugary things (I don't think fat is really an issue). I also think I have a slow metabolism so I need to exercise a bit more but I absolutely hate exercise :p
Exercise is my weak point as well at the moment. I know what I should be doing but getting the motivation at times is really difficult. I am trying to go for a couple of long walks each week with my Mum, it is not the most strenous but at least it is something.
Do you feel you have to have the sugary things or is it just that you have got into a habit of it
3lbs on but slap bang in the middle of TOTM so not unexpected.

Both Jacqui, particularily when it comes to sweeties, although I'm not as bad as I used to be. I was eating a packet of fruit pastilles, a packet of fruit gums and a chocolate bar every night.

Now I have a 10p refresher bar and feel guilty.


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well i'll put my name to this. weighing in tomorrow, and will know then what i am. want a stone off by end of sept. xx
Hey Kathryn. That is soooo much better than you used to have, I would think that it is more frustrating though to have made those changes and not always seeing the best results on the scales. When you are on TOTM do you drink more, alot of the weight gain that people get around this time is down to not drinking enough and retaining fluid because of it.

You know you can get it back off next time.

I am pretty pleased, although I had a gain this wee after my big weekend away it was a small one and I know I can get it off quickly so not worrying.
I think, because of hormones or whatever, you just end up retaining water anyway. Will wait for this Sunday before deciding if I'm annoyed with myself or not :p
Well 1lb off (hurrah) which considering that certainly Thursday & Friday were just terrible days is pretty good (my grans birthday on Thurs - visited her in the nursing home and had some cake and some sparkling wine, then went for lunch at a pub had dessert and some more alcohol. Friday was brothers birthday & at his house for drink and nibbles. )

I've got my next drs appointment on 8th and I really would like to be at least 1lb less for that.

Hope your week is going better!
Well done for getting that loss. Sounds like you had good fun with the celebrations.
I am sure you can get atleast another lb off by the 8th.
A loss is a loss so that's great news - well done.

Did you find something nice to eat at the pub or did you skip the Xen tablet for that meal? I'm wondering what I'll have when I go out, think it could be a jacket potato with beans and strict instructions to hold the cheese! It's boring but menus tend to be loaded with fat and I don't want to meet Mr Tango!
I don't take the xen anymore 78. Stopped last year. Although if I were going out I'd probably skip.

I can be a bit fussy (meat wise) when I eat and I tend to go for veggie options which will quite often include cheese!

So my meal was a take on cannelloni which used crepes instead of pasta (so cheesey & saucey) and i had a totally unnecessary tiramisu for dessert.

That would've been baaaaaaddd tablet wise!

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