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Summer's WW Trip :)

hi fellow ww-ers :)

so..i finally plucked up the courage and went to my first WW meeting.
outside was a loooong queue of perfectly shaped women, and then there I was :sigh:

so i got weighed, got my pack and starting officially tomorrow. any advice for a newbie?

20/4/2009 weight: 133kg / 21 st :cry:

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Needs a kick
Good luck Summer you can do it xx


In the 10s at last!
Hello im new today 2! I havnt joined a class but did buy some mags from ebay and went on ww site etc to get an idea how the points thing works and ive managed to lose a stone so far:)

jus think those "perfectly shaped women" certainly wouldnt have started out like that so jus proves the diet works
gd luck xx
welcome summer, well done for getting to a meeting, its difficult to enter the unknown sometimes. So far im finding the diet fab and hope you do too. This forum is brilliant for ideas and tips and if you join a meeting you should have excess to the ww website too? Did you stay for the meeting or just weigh in. Im going to be going to my ww on my dinner break so will just be in and out for weigh in, but i plan to get to a evening meeting once a month because I found the meeting really useful.

My advise would be to try and plan a little ahead for the day, if you are going out on a evening or fancy a treat its great to have some 0 point soup or a low point lunch so you can stick to your points with ease.

Good luck
Thank you all very much for the encouragement, welcomes and advice. I went for the weigh-in AND the inspirational talk, and think im gonna do so every week. i need to hear stories of success to push me forward.

im gonna make me some soup in the morning, and get my arse back to the gym - i went on a 4 day holiday and gained back 2 kilos i lost last week :(
anywhoo - i've got an exam tommorow morning. my first one. wish me luck, i tend to overeat when im stressed :^)

'nighty night, hope everyone has a great week xxx


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Hi Summer, welcome to ww. Hope you have a good week and successful WI. I recomend buying sugar free jelly. It has been a diet saver for me and I got some ready to eat in my fridge all the time:)


Is in the Zone
Hi Summer

Welcome! The best advice I can give you is to post on here - there are so many inspirational people around ... and there's always someone around to congratulate, commiserate or give a kick if needed :D

Well done on joining the class - I agree staying to class can really help (If you have a good class that is, unfortunatly I don't - if I stayed I'd end up killing someone lol)

Keep posting! :)



Loves Norman Reedus
well done for taking the plunge, and my advise would be to take one day at a time and secondly if you have any problems or queries, no matter how trival you think they are then post on here. the people are great. (memo to myself, take my advise :eek:)
Hi Summer and welcome to the WW boards.

Look in the recipes section so you don't get bored.

Have a little book where you note down the points of the things you like - less hassle then when pointing.

Get some WW bars and fruities - total life savers

WW cheese puffs are great if you like crisps.

Good luck.
rosie xx
`Hi Summer and welcome to WW, you will find everyone so supportive on here always willing to help and advise. Just jump in and post, read some diaries and get into the flow.

Good luck

Hiay summer and welcome to the ww gang, i found the meetings incredibly helpful as well so i urge people to go!

Youl soon be one of those perfectly shaped women one day - we all will!x

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