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Sun newspaper holiday tokens - help???

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by poppyowner, 16 July 2010 Social URL.

  1. poppyowner

    poppyowner Silver Member


    Can anyone help me........?

    I bought the Sun newspaper today as noticed the £9.50 holidays DID include UK (had been told previously it only did European this time!! GRRR!!!!!) so obviously didn't buy paper til today.

    Todays paper featured Token no. 7 so have got that one and managed to print a free one off via Sun website BUT STILL NEED 8 MORE!!!!! (different numbered ones)

    Have checked the paper and there is only 1 date we can apply for (Oct 1/2 term) so this puts us further down pecking order again as only 1 date being offered by us.

    People can send in applications once they have 10 tokens so some will be posting in on Monday....... IF I cannot get any back-issue tokens then I will buy the tokens daily but won't be able to post them in til 24th - nearly a week later (and the holidays go first come first served!!!)

    Could kill the person who told me it wasn't doing UK!!!!!! We haven't been on a holiday in over 2 years so it'd be lovely to take the kids away even if only for 4 nights.

    CAN ANYONE HELP? DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUN TOKEN VOUCHERS FROM THIS PAST WEEK THEY ARE NOT USING? (not no. 7 ) - I'll happily refund you any postage if you'd be kind enough to post them to me...?

    My email addy is [email protected] if you can help and need my home address

    Thanks incase

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  3. foodjunkie10

    foodjunkie10 Silver Member

    If you book online i can give you each tokens code word but i am collecting the tokens too, pm me if your interested :)
  4. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Have you searched on google? Or is the Sun newspaper online & can you get previous days?????? Just a thought.

    We went to Italy & France last year with Sun holidays & this year just me & OH are off to Barcelona. Such a bargin I wish I'd done them before.
  5. big bear

    big bear A bear on a mission!

    I might have a few of them, I can send them 2 u 2moro if u like.
  6. lise70

    lise70 Member

    Where in the uk do you want to go, I have found that sometimes with the special offers the company have direct you can get a right bargain. With the sun holidays it dont just stop at £9.50 you also have to pay for electric and gas, club passes and linen, this is all explained in the very small print! It might be worth looking at some of the companies web sites especially if you want to go out of school holidays time
  7. avisk

    avisk xx

    There are some things you do have to pay extra for, but not everything they suggest.

    I know someone who did a similar holiday and said that they did not want the club passes, would take their own bedlinen, and there were a couple of other things - can't remember - that they didn't need, so they didn't pay for them.

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