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Sunday Lunch. 4th Day of CD.


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Well this will be fun. Sunday lunch is a big thing in our house. DH,DD,DS, grandparents and me.
How am i going to cope???
While i sit at the table, drooling, which flavour shall i choose???? Whilst they tuck into full roast dinner LOL
How do we do this???:eatdrink051:
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I dish up the lunch then do the washing up while they eat. good luck hun.

I also have my shake or what ever im having before i dish up so i dont pick whilst plating up.xx
I made my dd and Oh a roast dinner last night (dd away on sunday) i was so proud of myself that i didn't touch a thing not even lick the potato off the masher like usual lol. I just kept thinking why i want to lose weight. I sat with them while they ate and it was hard but i've got to learn to say no to food and realise that i don't have to eat everything in sight lol!
Make sure u have a glass of water in front of you and keep the conversation going and before you know it all the dinners will be eaten and there will be none left for you!:D
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i made full roast this sunday for OH and 2 kids, plated it up shut the door to the dining room and weeded the garden, insisted that they scraped their plates in the bin and the dog got the rest !!!, only way i can cope, its ok to cook it didnt feel the need to eat any of it just took myself out of harms way good luck x


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I have the inlaws coming tonight. Going to have a soup while they eat, and have a big glass of water.
`just sit at the table with your soup in a bowl. If the bowl is small enough you can have two courses too.....Not easy though, but worth it in the long run....
I've started making one large yorkshire so I can't eat half the batch as they come out of the oven!


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S: 12st13lb C: 9st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 23.3 Loss: 3st3lb(24.86%)
I dish up the lunch then do the washing up while they eat. good luck hun..xx
How sad am i??? I usually have the bulk washed up before we eat, those last 15 mins,, whilst the roast rests and the Yorkshire Pudds rise is when i wash all the pots and pans.

I will just have to eat a CD soup out of a bowl with a teaspoon, so that i do not finish too early. :eek:
My lot have absolutley no chance of a Sunday roast while I'm on SS :D
It's my favorite meal ever and I don't think I could be strong enough not to eat a couple of roasters dunked in the gravy, not to mention the lamb :eek:
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mmmmmm, that is why I don't mind missing my birthday food this year (it's in November) but I will be b*ggered if I dont have christmas dinner! Depending on my weight I may not have the spuds and yorkshires (we tend to have beef) but I think after being good for 4.5 months I will deserve a little meat and gravey

Right less talk of food, I'm going off to have a pint of weak green tea!


has started again!!
My go to MIL for their Sunday roast these days! She likes cooking for everyone, knows what I am doing so I am not missed at all. oh, & I really enjoy the couple of hours I get to myself too!!
I have been cooking for my husband and daughter and it has been all my fav things (doing roast today!) and although I have really really wanted to eat something I havent and just wash up instead! I do like to try and have a hot chocolate cd shake in the evening instead of soup as it is a bit more the norm having a hot drink before bed. I usually drink tea but cant bear the thought of black tea!! good luck and be strong! xx

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