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Sunshine's Trip To Pre Baby Weight (start Thurs 13th oct, p 91)

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic

I need this. I need to be able to talk myself through losing the last 8.5lbs, moving through the steps and learning to maintain my new shape. I need to keep motivated regardless of my slips and falls. Sometimes I’ll need it just to put down what I’ve eaten so I space my food out and don’t leave myself short by the evenings. I have lots going on outside my world of slimming but for me to achieve what I want I need to stay focused on CD and I can do this here without boring my loved ones to death.

Reading through some of my old diary and posts it’s quite astonishing how low I’ve sometimes been and yet how excited I’ve been at losing the last 25.5lbs. I’ve gone from being 100% for the first 8 weeks to food screaming at me to dealing with my food demons, or so I thought, and ready to keep going to then giving in and eating. This has been a bumpy trip to Slim for me but I’m learning so much about myself which is making it all worth it.

The reason I have started a new diary here (I hope you’re okay to have me) is because I am looking at this next part of my journey as a new start. I have kept copies of anything I’ve posted and feel I’ve learnt from, along with photo’s for my small weight loss book I’m keeping for future motivation. The fact is that I have lost 25.5lbs in 10 weeks on the 810 plan. The last 2 weeks I hardly lost a thing however looking at the bigger picture…ehhhh Sunshine hello????????....... that is close to 2 stone in 10 weeks. That’s brilliant and I’m so happy to be where I am now.

I had my eye lashes permed today and have covered myself in the new St Topez body tanning lotion. I’ve decided to start making the most of my new shape right now. So back to a nice bronzed Sunshine Singer. My Trip To Slim Diary is going to help me get to goal and beyond but from now on I’m celebrating my new shape. Here I come. xxx
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Cambridge Diet Councellor
Thats the right attitude Sunshine, you go girl!! As I've said to others mental toughness is what carries us through life and CD!
You have made positive steps towards maintenance, I am sure you will lose those last few pesky lbs in no time!
Good luck

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Thanks Chickenpie, I'm very determined to get there.

My dinner is cooking away. My own concoction which I've had rather a lot of since the start. Chicken stir-fry but i dryfry the chicken, add whatever veg from 810 list, a tiny amount of cottage cheese, few drops of water and then a load of black pepper and dry chilli powder. I love it and it keeps me going and only takes 20 mins. Yum.

Due to not having enough CD food left for today (having extra the last 2 weeks...eek and not going there :) ), I only had a porridge left. So instead of having it for breakfast as usual, I had a coffee and yoghurt for breakfast, porridge for lunch, another yoghurt in the afternoon (planned instead of the 2 shakes I should be having). Chicken stir-fry for dinner and loads of water all day. Trying for 3-4 litres at the moment as usually I only just get throught 2ltres not including tea and coffee.

I know I'm not getting the right vitamins and nutrients today but i figure after yesterday I'll be fine. It's only one day and then I'll get 2 weeks supply tomorrow morning and I can't wait!
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Hi SS,

I'm not on CD 810, but i'm on a very similar plan (ie, 3 shakes and a low carb meal) and your meals sound almost identical to mine. I love to mix up the veg in a pan of water and add a bit of soy sauce or some cajun spice.
You've done very well on your journey. Well done

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Hi Dreamingmaid, Thanks for posting and lovely to meet you :) We can't have soy on CD as the salt creates water retension :( lol

You're doing so well on your plan and sound like you're enjoying it which is the main thing. Are you on similar calories too? I have porridge, bars and shakes which I make into mousse. I love all of it which really helps.

I have a feeling I'll be posting on here loads to keep me going. It's already helped me tonight when those foodie demons came knocking. I just had a coffee instead and now I'm in bed happy that I've completed a great day on track. I managed 4 litres of water which I badly needed after struggling to get through 2 a day for the last 10 weeks.

Think I'm back on track again and I'm so looking forward to collecting my supply in the morning. Cranberry bar for me as I'll be on the go. Yum xxx
My calories total about 900 per day, i have 2 shakes/soups and a bar, a milk allowance and a low carb meal.
My tastes have changed so much, i really enjoy the flavours of fresh whole foods rather than the previous junk i used to wolf down!
Interesting that soy sauce creates water retension, our booklet says you can have it....but then some of the veggie allowances are different from what cd recommend too.

Anyway i'll be keeping up with your diary....good luck!!!

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic

Picked up my supplies from my cdc this morning on the way to work. She has said that I can no longer stay on 810 as I've been too sick and I need more calories to help recover. So as from today I'm on 1000 and I am actually pretty relieved.

Ahhh the thought of fruit with my porridge and having carbs again is really nice. There is so much choice so I'm looking forward to this.

As I had no idea I'd be doing this today I had to have a bar for brekkie on the go and a yoghurt for lunch in work. Think I'll have porride and fruit later and a late dinner of baked potato, tuna and veg. I haven't got my booklet with me at work so I'm dying to have a look when I get home later. I'm down from 3 to 2 CD meals now.

Cdc estimates me losing 4lbs in the next 2 weeks so fingers crossed as that would be fantastic. xxx I'll do a foodie log later xxx (much rather have my chicken with rice if I can get it defrosted)
I have been t hinking of moving up the plans, but I quite like my version of 810 and I really really need to hit goal before I lose all motivation.... lol Good luck with moving up to the 1000 plan, I will be watching you rmenus with interest as I will be going there in the next few weeks... hope you get better soon..

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Hi Greeneyes, thanks for posting :)

I was really tied to 810 and have always wanted to stay on it till goal and then move up. It's just not meant to be for me but my cdc made me see reason. She said it's time for me to start eating more food and that I'd done 810 for long enough. Gotta listen to her. I never wanted to bounce between plans and luckily she said that I will be going up the plans now and not back. Phew!

Hun you've lost so much. How long have you been on 810 for? xxx
I have only been on 810 for just over 2 weeks, but did do SS+ for around 3 weeks before that and SS for around 7 or 8 weeks. I am worried my CDC will tell me to move up the plans tomorrow as I am hoping to have lost 2 or 3lb this week which will take me to around 6lb from target, I was 10 stone 6.2lb on my scales today...

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Fruit and carbs yum

I feel like I'm eating for the first time! Oh my god, I had cd porridge with raspberries which will be from tomorrow my brekki. That was soooooooooo yum! God I've missed fruit. I used to live on fruit.

Then I had pasta (couldn't get potatos or rice) with tuna and veg and loads of black pepper.

I'll have an apple later and coffee. (still need to have salad)

I'm a happy bunny. Saying that I forgot pasta tends to bloat me but who cares I can have it wooooooohooooooo. It seems like so much food. Straight away I've noticed tho that 40g of pasta looks like nothing when in fact its loads. I was so greedy before cd so i'm already getting to know the right sized portions. I only ever have 1 can of tuna tho as I couldn't get through 2 cans which is the weight the book says we can have.

Yum x
Hi Sunshine Singer
I'm on my version of 1000, I can not manage two cans of tuna either, or the full amount of cottage cheese! It is so good being able to eat fruit agan!

I am carefully weighing out my breakfast options, can't beleive how much cereal I used to have even if it was the 'healthy type' It certainly makes you look at portions in a different light!

Good luck on your journey

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Hi everyone,

Greeneyes... you're so close now, it's fab x

Aussie... I'm loving 1000. I'll have to space the meals out better than I have today. It was just such a mad day and I didn't know I was going to be doing 1000 till I saw my cdc and it's been non stop since then. Very much looking forward to berries and porridge in the morning and I'm glad she's pushed me to move up. I was getting nowhere fast on 810 in the end as much as i loved it.

Kernowmum, portion sizes are amazing aren't they. Our tummy's have shrunk tho so it's more than enough for us. I just have to always remember this as it's so easy to add a bit more and another bit more :)

Oohhhhh the learning curve. It's really lovely to be here and thank you so much for posting for me xxx really appreciate it.

Lets get eachother to goal, we can do this xxx hugs

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Hi Hun........ loving your pic!! :) Yeah so much choice. It's a bit overwelming. I need just take my time ad try lots of combo's. What's your favourites?

Sarette, half a stone to go......i'll be so excited for you when you get to goal. I'll jump around with you xxx hugs xxx

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Brekkie- porridge & raspberries
Lunch- choc bar
Dinner- stirfry chilli chicken & veg with rice, side salad
Later- stewed apple with cinamon & yoghurt

Mad day and still have this bug. Tried singing today and my voice is so weak. It's really stressing me out as I have a huge gig with my band in 10 days and I can't rehearse. I'm all achey, with a headache and still my throat, glands and face is swollen and sore. I'm feeling sorry for myself.

I have shopping bags ready to pick up later with strawb's, bananna's, brown basmatti rice and wholegrain pasta. Looking forward to rice tonight followed much later I hope with stewed apple.
Love the sound of your meals today, I got some bars from my CDC today, haven't had them for ages as they slowed down my weightloss when I was on SS, I had half after my lunch and it really filled me up.
Sorry to hear you are still not feeling well, hope you get better soon.

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Hi Greeneyes, yeah I tipped way too much chilli in hahahahahha and so i'm a tad on fire now... whoops!

Feel more on top of things music wise as I got loads of rehearsing done voice or no voice, straight after teaching. Only managed to have dinner just before 10pm. LOL i wanted to space my meals out but not that much. Gonna have my stewed apple now.

A good day over-all xxx

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