Super filling breakfast cereals?


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I add a lot of fruit to my cereals to help keep me feeling fuller for longer
but I have to say porridge is a winner for me too


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Porridge just doesn't keep me going - think I am the only one. I try and have a banana with my breakfast everyday as I find that helps.



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Cereals make me hungry. I never have cereal for breakfast now. I find eggs keep me full till lunchtime. (sorry, not much help)


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I usually have a banana chopped up with my bite size shredded wheat in the mornings and that keeps me going for a while but I normally need to snack on an apple or something mid morning. The most filling breakfast is a good old cooked breakfast with eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and whatever else I've got. That will normally keep me going until well past lunchtime.

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I love weetabix, but then have it with hot water and a bit of my milk allowance and make it like porridge. I also have fruit, especially banana in it and this keeps me going until lunch time....I do also enjoy bacon and poached eggs on toast with tomato sauce.
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Hi Honey - porridge doesnt fill me up for some reason I get terrible hunger pangs about 2 hours later!!
However since I brought 2 KG of the stuff I am persisting - this morning I tried magic porridge with 28g oats and muller chocolate sprinkles with a banana on top - so far so good!!!!!



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All Bran keeps me going til lunch. You get 42grams as a HE B choice. I let it soak and then chop some banana onto it. Much more filling that Weetabix and porridge for me


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i find this quite filling. you can have 42g and it's nice with a chopped banana, milk and sweetener.

just got some puffed wheat but not tried it yet.

i find cereal more filling of you add it to yogurt and chopped fruit rather than having it with milk.


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I need to eat some protein with every meal or I get hungry an hour later. So I've started having 2 boiled eggs with my shredded wheat - not all in the same bowl I might say - and I find that works well. Hasn't affected my weight loss either.

I know there's protein in milk but it is a miniscule amount!


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I copy the Hobbits...I have 2 breakfasts most days ;-)

My food diary only lists it at one, but I pretty much eat something before I leave for work at 6.30, but as lunch isn't until 11.30, I tend to have a second breakkie at about 8 o'clock too.

So today, I had two slices of toast at home and then a muller light and apple a little later.

I've tried to increase portion sizes at breakfast recently because I find it hard to eat a lot, but what I eat isn't huge as it is. So I've been trying to have an egg with toast (didn't have time today).

So, if you like cereal, have porridge at home and maybe take some fruit salad for later but before lunch?



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I love Kellogs All Bran made with hot water, it may sound awful but it's really nice and nutty plus it saves on the milk allowance, and 42g for a HEXB really fills me up especially as I like to slice a banana on top of it.


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Porridge does as everyone has said. Kellogs all bran is great and so's Alpen Original. Have it topped with sliced banana, berries and low fat yoghurt. Yummeh!


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Wow! Thanks so much for the great ideas guys! I had my weetabix this morning at about 8ish and didn't have lunch until 2 and wasn't starving hungry so that was a success! I'll try it again tomorrow with some sliced banana as well. And I will definitely give all-bran a go once I've chomped my way through the weetabix and bran flakes that I have. Its fun experimenting like this! Thanks again peeps! :D


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I share your problem!

Looks like lots of good ideas. I normally have porridge or sultana bran then a banana mid morning as I still don't seem to be able to last until lunch time!!


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Hi Scraggyanna, eggs keep me satisfied for the the longest period but I don't always have time to fry eggs before work which was why I thought of cereals! You're right about the great ideas, I can't wait to try them out. The weetabix really kept me going, and my mum swears by all-bran so we might be lucky there :D


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Cereals make me hungry. I never have cereal for breakfast now. I find eggs keep me full till lunchtime. (sorry, not much help)
I'm with you on this one. if I eat breakfast of any description I am hungry for the next 4 hours or so. i usually have a banana about 10ish


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Hi Britmum, I really want to try this weetabix + banana combo, sounds so good. I bought some bananas yesterday but they were green! So I'll have to wait a couple of days. Sigh.... Tried it with blueberries instead this morning and.... :9529: