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Super free foods

on here people say you do but in the books and online they encoyrage you but dont say you have to!! Im confused too as only been doing this less than 1 week so prob not the best person to answer..... lets see what others say!! How you finding it? i did ww before and i much prefer this!!!
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at my class this week my consultant said u should always have 1/3rd free with every meal ( i think they r hoping u will fill up on the superfree first then u won't eat so much of the other 2/3rds) but sometimes e.g breakfast i have fruit as my superfree don't always fancy bacon mushrooms etc or i make soup and have it b4 my lunch and dinner good luck to u :)
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I've been following Extra Easy for around 8 weeks now and have lost 12lb.

What I tend to do is just make sure 1/3 of my daily intake is superfree.

Works for me as I can eat loads of superfree at dinner but hardly any at breakfast so this way it all balances out.



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Hi you can also mix in your superfree with your food, it doesnt always have to be on the side x right now i tend to make stews with loads of toms, carrots, onions, mushrooms etc xx
Thanks guys, just not a huge fan of cooking meals for 1 that include veg all the time. i like jacket and beans or syn free chips and beans etc or chicken curry and rice(syn free of course!!) will i still loose weight if i dont have 1/3 of my plate with suprefree foods? not sure this is going to work for me :-(. this is the first diet i have ever really followed and joined a group for. x
utter nutter - yeh same as me i started last thurs and have my first weigh in tommorrow night! not sure i have lost anything though as not been filling my plate 1/3 with superfree foods!!
S: 12st13lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.9 Loss: 0st7lb(3.87%)
or just add onion, mushroom, tinned toms/passata and frozen spinach in to your curry - easy and all the superfree you need. I chuck these ingredients in to everything....even when I have baked beans I drain them off as I'm not so keen on the sugary sauce and add passata instead - getting my superfree that way too!


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If you really can't bring yourself to have 1/3rd super-free (and I am in the 'you-have-to' camp - there are sound reasons for it being that way, especially in the longer term) then maybe you should think about going for the Red or Green plans, instead of EE.
At least two thirds of my lunch and dinner are superfree. I decide on the vegetables first, then think about what to eat with them.

Tonight I am having leeks and carrots and onions and whatever else I can find, cooked with some pearl barley and a couple of chicken thighs. There will be far more vegetables than meat and barley.


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I find when I fill my food diary in I have more superfree foods than free ones most days.
We had this discussion at class last week. One lady was moaning that she wasn't losing anything despite doing an hours yoga every day. When it came down to it, she had a banana about 11 oclock and then a tiny meal at night and nothing else was superfree. SW say it for a reason. Most sf foods are high in vit c and fibre.
the 1/3 superfree was put in place to avoid overindulging in carbs and protein. This is how extra easy works, unlike green where you are limited on meats/fish etc and original where you are limited on carbs. With extra easy you can mix everything together, but of course within reason.

Advising you eat a 1/3 superfree with every meal helps to portion control so you don't have a plate full of just pasta and meat for instance. Although still free foods, it is the carbs and meat etc that have the higher calories etc compared to say fruit and vegetables which are superfree. So although slimming world is not a calorie controlled diet, if you eat over the amount of calories your body needs in a day which is likely if you are not consuming your 1/3 superfree, then the result will unfortunately be no weight loss or even a gain in some cases.

Like avisk, I look at what superfree stuff I have first and then think what I can make with it. Curries, spag bol, shepherds pie, stews, casseroles etc, you name it can be filled with superfree vegetables. Frozen bags of unstarchy vegetables are also a good suggestion for when you need something quick. Superfree soup is also another good one to make.

Of course there will be some times when you may find it hard to include superfree into your meal and this is fine occasionally I think, as long as you are getting plenty of superfree foods into your other meals of the day

I often see suggestions that if you can't add a 1/3 superfree to your meal then have a bowl of fruit etc afterwards. I disagree with this. The reason being is you will likely be full after your meal and will therefore be eating more food just for the sake of it. This is a bad habit to get into, as one of the things we all need to recognise is when we are no longer hungry.
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I've found it easier to stick to the "1/3 superfree" rule than I would to the red or green plans. It's just so easy to fill 1/3 of your plate with salad/veg, add a grilled chicken breast and a jacket spud!



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This is where I'm going wrong! Exercising like a lunatic and eating only 2-5 syns a day and getting nowhere. On reflection I'm not eating enough super stuf. Thanks everyone for this thread.
and not eating enough syns....


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I generally follow red or green, and have a few EE from time to time - this evening I decided that I was doing EE (instead of planned red) - and although I'd had probably 2/3 superfree in the day anyway, I knew I wouldn't gave any in my evening meal, so I made a carrot soup as a starter, and had a smaller dinner, this I think is OK as I reduced my plate, whereas by eating fruit after, it would on occasion be eating for the sake of it.
This is where I'm going wrong! Exercising like a lunatic and eating only 2-5 syns a day and getting nowhere. On reflection I'm not eating enough super stuf. Thanks everyone for this thread.
yes definately not enough syns. 5 syns is the MINIMUM amount you should have a day and that is really only for those close to goal, if you start off with a low syn amount, then you have nothing to cut back on when you are on those last few pounds to lose.

Up your syns to at least 10 a day and try to get in the 1/3 superfree.


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I haven't started yet (currently finishing my final week of WW), my plan is to eat my fruit first if I am having a meal of something like spag bol where it may be harder to add veg. At least that way I should fill up in line with the plan before I start on the free food.
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this is my first week so if I'm wrong then please someone correct me, but if the whole theory is to bulk out with veg to fill you up and its the veg you struggle to include, then could you not just snack on fruit etc while your dinner is cooking. fills the gap so will mean you eat less and its kind of like getting your 1/3?

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