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Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by juliebags, 16 April 2014.

  1. juliebags

    juliebags Well-Known Member

    Could somebody please tell me if the lighterlife packs 5:2, are the same packs sold by counsellers in group, i am currently on the cambridge diet , but after if i need to return i was thinking of doing the lighter life from superdrug, if the products are similar,, ???
  2. Tara3112

    Tara3112 Well-Known Member


    I'm not sure on the Superdrug version but if you are looking for a similar cheaper alternative have a look at 'shake that weight' the shakes taste amazing and are half the price of Cambridge without compromising on taste/nutritional values.

    You can also order online for next day delivery (I'm doing it at the mo)

    Hope this helps x

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