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superfree crisps


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Hi just wondering if crisps made out of squash skin would need to be synned? I am thinking yes, but not sure as its superfree!

Someone i know had the idea after using an onion squash for soup. After halving and baking it, she scraped out the flesh and didn't want to waste the skins, so popped them back in the oven to 'crisp' and had them with hummus dip :) It sounds devine. Just wondering what your thoughts are. Thanks xx
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Thought so :( Well that is unfortunate lol. Would it be 1syn per 20 calorie rule?


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So... i think 100g of baked squash is about 40 calories. Would the calories be the same for the skins? If so thats alot of crispy yumminess for 2syns!!!
Being as squash is super free i can't see it being a problem. Its potato crisps which are implied as 'cheating & need sinning' as couldn't eat lots of pot crisps and loose weight, whereas stuffing yourself with squash is never going to do you harm.
I Could be wrong, but just think of all the extra nutrition your taking in!


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I think its based on the fact that any type of crisp portion isn't likely to fill you up.

Our consultant says if we ate 5 oranges they'd be superfree and quite filling. But if you were to juice them they would be syned as thats unlikely to fill you for long.

However, I doubt there would be any harm having your crisps, as long as you arent excessive with them and dont keep picking at food after.


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Was thinking also that if i had carrot sticks it would be a superfree snack. Even roasted carrot sticks lol. Dont think i could really over eat them as a squash only has so much skin and the flesh sure wouldn't go that crispy! I might have to try them anyway :) And syn them untill i find anything else out.

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