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Extra Easy superfree foods

Hey all. I know what ee is and how it works. My question is this. Approx how many servings of fruit and veg would be 1/3 of my plate at each meal? Like would 1 grapefruit be considered 1/3 of my breakfast? If I can't get veg in but eat fruit would that still count? So would 1 grapefruit, an apple and a banana be my 1/3 for the day?
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you need to try to divide your plate up visually. It is hard to say if something is definately a 1/3 superfree without seeing the size of your other portions.

But for instance, if you had a a piece of chicken the size of a fist and a jacket potato the size of fist, then of course your portion of superfree should also be of equal size. Of course you may not always have carbs and proteins together, you may just have carbs or just proteins, but again the same principle would apply, depending on the size of that portion, your superfree should be a 1/3 of your entire meal.

so for instance, imagine this as your plate:

it doesn't really matter what free foods you have in 2/3's of the plate as long as one of the 1/3's is made up of superfree.

Of course when making things like spaghetti bolognese or chilli etc it is harder to judge the 1/3 superfree, because you are mixing everything together. But for things like that, I generally make sure I am adding at least double the amount of vegetables to how much meat I am using, so that once it is served up with a carb of my choice, it is pretty much guarenteed to include a 1/3 superfree.

Hope that makes sense.
I have a hard time getting them on my plate at the same time. Don't ask why. If they're mixed in my food its easier. But I generally eat my superfree on its own. Fruit and veg BETWEEN meals. Not WITH my meals. I like doing EE but I have a hard time having these things on the same plate.
I often have my superfree as a salad on a separate plate, or as a starter.
Only trouble is, this would then increase your carb/protein portion surely? xx
If you eat the salad first you would automatically reduce your portion of free foods as you wouldn't be as hungry. :)

I tend to always make a side salad in a seperate bowl and fruit in another bowl! But I do have smaller portions of the free stuff! :)
Yeah my portions aren't huge. I eat on my daughters plates instead of my big dinner plates! Works out nicely. I will continue to eat as much superfree as possible. Just feeling a bit defeated lately.
Ah yeah true - I'm not sure I could trust myself with the portions on my plate if I had salad first :D
Only trouble is, this would then increase your carb/protein portion surely? xx
Not for me, no. If I have a salad as a starter, I find it takes the edge off my appetite anyway. If I have salad or vegetables on a separate plate, it is because I am having some kind of sauce with my meat or fish and hate having sauce on vegetables or salad.

But we all eat differently.

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