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Cruise PP Supermarket roasted chicken


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I have them from Sainsbury's quite often, especially on a PP day obviously stripping away any skin etc and I have been consistent in my weight loss. I know the co-op one uses sugar to when they cook it so I don't buy from there but otherwise I think it's okay but honestly I am no expert! x


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I've used the sainsburys ones as well - v convenient for pp days. I suppose the trouble is you don't know what they've put into them, but taking the skin off gets rid of the fatty bit. I like the M & S deli chicken as well, but I noticed that it's marinaded in sugar, so probably not to be recommended if being strict. Hasn't done me any harm though, still lost, and it seems ok on the carb/sugar breakdown, so maybe it's not too terrible.


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While you're losing weight having them, why not. Strictly speaking all the marinating and basting would make them not ideal for some of us (I was going to say "for those near target weight", but then I saw your weight!)... if they suit you, why not!


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Glad its ok

I wouldn't go that far ;)
If someone was stalling, that would be the first thing I'd pounce on with my beady eyes!