Supersize vs Superskinny? Anyone watching?


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yes i am watching, gok won is on after i will prob watch that also.

dnt let a tv prog make you feel depressed, i know how you feel on the other handas i am totally unhappy with my weight. this is my first day on here so hope i get to grips with it soon lol

gud luck tho!!! :)


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I think I saw something similar on Dutch tv? It was English but had a different name but I think it's the same programme ?

1 very skinny, underweight person and 1 very big, overweigh person trade menu's for a week ?? Right?

I saw it a few times; found it very educational as they give out healthy food facts etc... I never felt bad looking at it but can imagine how someone else would.. Chin up though, you'll be fab and skinny in no time ;-)



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thanks white! this is a great forum, hope u find it as useful as i do. i shouldnt say im depressed, cos it trivalises depression. im just feeling a bit down about my weight cos i had lost a lot and ive put nearly 2 stone back on. no one to blame but myself!


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I have to watch it as I have a serious soft spot for the Doc. :D How shallow am I?


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Watched this and caught last weeks too - it's the first time I've watched them and must say that my hubby caught snippets of last weeks and actually made me wait to watch it so we could watch it together.. he was watching footie when it was on.

I like it being a 'twist' in that it's overly skinny women and an overweight woman. I do think it's relevant and things can go wrong, it was also interesting watching the anorexic women as all of them had started diets and just gone to the extreme. The one that was an athlete before was shocking. :(

I did think the 'gain' fo the woman running marathons was a bit dissapointing after 3 months but I guess she is doing a lot of training. And also the loss of the larger woman was a bit 'slow' for that period of time but I guess it's the diet that have her on and there are those that will argue that she'll keep it off.

Personally though.. it makes you wonder... Would love to do a revisited in a years time! lol