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Ro Laren

7st 11lbs down ...
Thanks for the heads up - I missed the original series, but have seen the episodes on YouTube. Do you think it's strange that the underweight people have the dangers to their health pointed out graphically, but not the overweight people?


Where's Skinny Minnie?
I think it's because they go out of their way to show that being underweight has various health risks whereas people are more aware of the dangers of obesity. Either that or they're scared of being fattist lol. It's a great series, I really want to get the deep abdominal massage that Anna had in the last series x
Thanks for that. All sky+ as got weigh in on Tues!!
Im looking forward to watching the new series...followed it religiously the last time too.
I love this programme too! I have my WI on Tuesday night and get home just in time to have tea before this is on. Luckily OH and my daughter like it too so no-one moans at me! I find it really quite educational for my daughter too as it shows that it's not healthy to be soooo skinny either.
i apologise, im reviving an old thread again. just wondered if anyones been watching this in a morning on channel 4. i love it, it gives me motivation for the rest of the day!
Love this show!! Will defo be recording the whole series.

Been watching re-runs on Sundays on E4 tho I think they`re finished now. Having been both under & over weight I can relate to both parties in the show.

The part where they pour a weeks worth of food into a plastic tube is great. As is the reaction of the other person as this will be their "diet" for the next few days!!
What time is it on - I'd love to record it!
I watch it sometimes but I think it is pretty silly.
I mean what is the point of forcing skinny undereaters to face into massive plates of curry and chips or whatever awful food the overweight person likes to down?

I think it is purely for entertainment purposes and fail to see what the underweight person 'learns' from this.

Ok maybe to illustrate to them that others eat more than them but sure they know that.

And they hardly want to go down the road the obese person has gone down.
I got excited then as thought a new series was starting on Tuesday.. Then noticed it was posted in 2009! I also think it's a bit silly but just think it shows both parties the extremes of bad eating habits and they do seem to get something out of it. Biggest loser USA is starting tomorrow. Can't wait to watch that! Sorry to go off track but does anyone know when the uk biggest loser will start?

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