Supersize vs Superskinny


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yeah im watching it, on this diet its made me realize how much i mindlessly used to pick x


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I watched it and have Sky +'d the rest of the series. Very interesting indeed! :) xx


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Its amazing how when you step back from it all and decide to be healthy, how clear it all becomes.


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I thought it was a really good programme, will be watching the series!!


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I was quite amazed at it to be honest, a different 'spin' on the age old programmes that are normally on. Really nice for it to show skinnies too.

The following show is about a runner and her images reminded me of a runner near where I used to live, I hope she's watching when it airs as I have thought for years it must be as bad as being overweight to be that underweight.


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I enjoyed the last series and this one is off to a good start! I thought it was lovely how they both supported and encouraged each other so well.


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when's this on thanks