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Supersize vs Superskinny

I've been watching this too and i've got my mum and sisters hooked on it, lol.

I havent seen series 1. Does anyone know if i can find series 1 online? I can only find clips of a few episodes.

i am addicted to it as well, makes me angry thou when the skinny ones don't really make an effort - esp that asian girl who giggled and made a complete idiot of the big guy!!! grrrrrrrr

last weeks ones which had the woman getting the stomach sleeve op was bloody terrifying!!!!!!!!


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Yes, I watched that today and found it really shocking/upsetting/inspiring/worrying/sad.... a bit of everything really. It seems so sad that at just 48 years old Lisa (the one having the op) was facing such dramatic surgery. It's scary too, to think how she must have gradually crept up and up to the weight she is now. It certainly had an amazing effect on the guy who was 29.5 stone, he lost 3.5 stone in 3 months and seemed so happy and full fo life. I think it's quite a clever program actually and it's not too preachy, just puts a different spin on weight and it's issues.
i know Barb, its scary eh? imagine having to resort to that to "fix" your obesity problem. I'm not being rude but do you consider 24st to be massive? maybe i am being rediculous but ppl who are bigger than her are managing to lose and she is having probs walking so someone must be feeding her? that operation shocked me, i never knew such a thing existed - isn't the human body an amazing thing???
Thanks Ro Laren :). I'll have alook through it tmrw.

I enjoy the part of the show when they look at what they eat in a typical day with that food tube thing. I also like the facts they have through the show, especially all the nutrional information. :) xx
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Aww i watched it tonight. Bit worrying they said the average for a 5"2 person (which is how tall I am) should be 8 stone 4 lbs. If I ever got that small I think Id look anorexic?!!
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lol think that might be the lowest weight for someone of that height!

I really feel for the skinny ones when they are trying to force down the food and they start gagging. Some of the meals the fat ones eat really are unbelievable :eek:
I felt really sorry for the skinny one last night, poor lass. She was skin and bone!! I think its almost worse to starve your body like that, the thought of your body using organs for energy is terrifying!!! the supersized one was very very pretty, i hope she does it for her self and her little girl..... xx
S: 12st13lb C: 12st0lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 0st13lb(7.18%)
I still think the show is a bit harsh on both people. OK they only have to eat each others diets for 5 days. But when you are that small trying to eat that much food your stomach is too small to cope with such huge portions. The same when your that big to try and restrict to such small measures of food leads to a massive drop in blood sugar and they are bound to get faint and weak with the sudden shock to the system.

I wasnt very impressed with the results after the healthy eating plans either. I could put on 7lb just having a chinese!
I think they both looked really good afterwards last night. I have to say though the larger one ate so much, whilst I had a good appetite I could never have eaten some of the meals she ate. I was very glad to see the item in LA where the stars are airbrushed...I knew it happened but it was really good to hear it said out loud on tv....I also think the doc is a little cutie....xx
I know, 7lbs is nothing, the other week one of them gained practically sod all and it was all tears and congratulations! even OH laughed and said he could gain more without trying!!

Its all for telly, i doubt she ate all that all the time - its the shock ratings they are after! It annoys me cos i know i have never ever eaten like that but ppl who have never been heavy look at chubbies now thinking god they must really gorge! and its really not true! You only need to eat a few extra calories per day to start gaining. Grrr.


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I love this programe. The idea of not just looking at just overweight people but also those underweight is fantastic. Sometimes I think people forget that being underweight is unhealthy too and that the body needs a certain amount of energy to function properly.

I don't think the programe is too harsh on the participants. They know what is involved before they sign up and to change someones relationship with food in 5 days it has to be something drastic.
S: 12st13lb C: 12st0lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 0st13lb(7.18%)
Oh gosh, kids?? Surely that show will be about teaching the parents to make better food for them then?

Ill miss the show when its off, Its my Tuesday night motivation.. though the last one made me laugh when they congratulated the skinny girl on putting on 2lbs ina year! i could put that on just sniffing a crumpet!

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