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is working hard.....
(and not of the bug variety if you read my thread from earlier! :D LOL)

I've been chatting to a friend and she swears by psyllium husk capsules to supplement her diet.
My mum keeps telling me to take multi-vitamins and vitamin c.
My sister says I need evening primrose oil / starflower oil for pmt.
And then there is the huge array of 'diet' pills in Boots - supposed aids to slimming! My mind is boggled! :eek:

I was wondering do any of you take a supplement of any kind, and if so, does it help?

TIA :) xx
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most supplements are not bio available and pass straight through the body the only thing I use now is spa tone water when I was pregnant. google bio availability and you will see how many things are a waste of money yes we get small amounts from our food but our body takes and changes things from food much more easily than it does from a hard tablet or a capsule
i take glucosamine for my joints, (it really helps me not feel achey after exercise, especially my knees) but no slimming supplements, I think they are a waste of ££


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I take glucosamine sulphate and honeygar (foul stuff) as I have arthritis. I also take multivitamins with iron every day. I find I get less tired now because of them. I don't eat a lot of red meat or spinach etc and have heavy periods so feel I need the iron.
I take Evening Primrose for PMT (fantastic - can't recommend it enough!!), Omega 3 oils as I don't eat any fish and a general supplement (like Dehli - I need the iron).
Don't bother with slimming supplements as I've found that SW has worked perfectly! Having said that, I've had Apple Cider Vinegar tablets before (on a half hearted dieting attempt) and despite the smell of them, they did appear to work a little :-D


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I don't take anything. I'm young and healthy, and if I'm eating a balanced diet (which SW is), I don't need any dietary supplements.

And I'm not touching "diet" pills with a bargepole.


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I take Seven seas multibionta multivitamin with probiotics. I also take folic acid everyday and playing with the idea of cod liver oil tablets, although I heard overdoing it on vitamin D messes with your fertility?? I'm also thinking of taking vitamin C everyday as well because my friend's mum swears by it over plastic surgery! She's in her 60s and looks 20 years younger!


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to the best of my knowledge, vit D is beneficial in ttc, especially wth PCOS.

I take high dose folic acid, and when I remember, multivit with iron & calcium + vit D


is working hard.....
Thank you all, very much for your info and advice.
I think I do need to take something, regardless of how healthy my diet is, I feel I would benefit from a multi and some kind of EPO.

So I will pay another visit to Boots / Holland & Barrett, and have a think!

:) xx


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most supermarkets do an own brand version :)

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