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suprise food!!!


I don't know how to deal with this or if others find this a problem at all and it really is a spin off from the other thread, however does anyone have 'suprise food' moments????
Those food moments that you hadn't preparred yourself mentally for, or is it just me? I do fine until I get a 'suprise food' moment...

For e.g I know I have coffee with a friend coming up, I know she will have cake, I will not I am preparred for this ... however it is when I AM NOT PREPARRED for the food hurdle thrown my way..

e.g. recently a co workers produced a tin of roses in the staff room one morning, I had to have one I was not preparred. I go round a friends 'we were all going for pizza? You wana come?'

or your kids don't want a choc bar they got from grans and hand it to you on the way home :cry:

I can't cope with these situations and they are my biggest downfalls. I was physically handed a mincepie in Marks by a staff member :mad:

... had to eat it didn't I.
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This is a really hard situation to avoid - I have been there many times before too and caved and just eaten it as it was too hard to resist. But the other day was the first time I said no to one of these situations and I felt amazing for saying no. I did it by thinking about how disappointed I would be if I ate it and pictured myself being the weight I want and then went and had a big glass of water to help with the craving.
Not a quick fix answer I know...but just taking yourself out of the situation (if you can) usually helps!
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just say no thanks and be proud of yourself. Its really not that hard if you really want to stick to your diet..I always ask myself...Do i want this piece of pie or do i want to lose weight? ALWAYS ask yourself that before eating something you know is bad. Goodluck!


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well said caloriefree! To add, I remember the feelings I had the last time I had something I wasn't supposed to or binged (and all the unhappy feelings with it) and ask myself, do I REALLY want to feel like that again?
Yes thanks for the tips ladies,
I'm gonna say 'no thanks', as no one holds me down and forces it down my throat it's just me blaming others...

I'll try the water too and I'll think of you girls and I'll come back here and say what I've avoided this week! We can all do it and congratualte each other!! :)
This is something I find particularly hard, especially coming up to christmas as EVERYONE feels obliged to take in boxes of chocs to work, and pringles, and nibbles and all the tasty temptations...

But this year is different, I am going to say no. It just adds to what I have to lose next year. And to be honest, do you really enjoy that extra two chocolates from a tub for what, 90 calories? Or if you have truffles, they are about 75 each... thats 150 cals for 2 lindt balls. Cripes. 3 of them, or a bowl of porridge for breakfast... Hmmmmmm


I have to use the figures, add it up.. or I'll stray..! WILLPOWER OF STEEL!!!!! :D

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