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suprise suprise- i am ill... again -TMI maybe

i know i come on here with the same old story everytime but i feel like this is the only place that understands and will not tell me to come off diet immediatly!

I have had another bout of mid night sicknes... which i often get where i feel weak and vomit 6/10 times then go back to bed nd feel fine... not today Ive woken up still feeling sick.. I have no temperature... If anything it is low. I cannot face the throught of cambridge shakes once again the sweeteness makes me wanna vom some more.

I just wanna cry - I work for a really strict office who fire people left right and centre and really dont wanna call in sick but really cannot get out of bed I feel too weak.

i might make an appt with doctors to see what this is once nd for all... but really worried he will tell me to come of diet - which i 100% do not want to do since this is the only thing that has worked for me.

I really feel like a slice of toast... just something bland to take the edge off... but will not i assure you all

Sorry once again for rambling on about my illness
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This is not good Helen :( I know you said you weren't pregnant and I guess you know that not just by a pregnancy test reading, which can sometimes give an inaccurate result.

Have you tried the lactose free shakes? Maybe you've built up some lactose intolerance? Might be worth trying them for a couple of days to see if there is any improvement??

I'm concerned about you being sick so often whilst consuming so few calories. Not sure what plan you are on at the mo, but if it's SS or SS+ you could do with going up higher and adding a chicken or fish meal.

Don't leave it too long before going to the drs Helen :hug99:
Thank you KD, your support is always so valuable :)

I am heading to the doctors today hopefully i can get an appointment - I need to sort myself out once and for all.. I hate being ill and its becoming all too frequent.

I have done 2 tests since everytime i google my symptoms it tells me im pregnant and both negative - plus i have just had a major 2 week period (which never ever has happened to me before).

Im gonna tell the dr everything and hope its not something serious.

Talking of lactose intolerance I kinda wondered that myself - can too much lactose make you intollerent - because I must have a lot more diary now than I used to I wonder if my body cant handle it?

Once again thank you for all your support, you are a branch of strength :)


One day at a time!
(((Helen))), sorry to hear you are unwell. I can't really offer any advice as KD has said it all but I just wanted to send you a hug. I hope you are soon feeling better. Have you tried drinking ginger tea? That can help with nausea. If you don't have any teabags you can just grate some fresh ginger into a mug and poor over boiling water and leave to steep for a few minutes. Get well soon:)
:) Thanks for all your support girls! Just been to the doctors and had two doctors at once, they said it is unlikely to be due to the diet woopie, and are pretty baffled by what i have but said it fine to continue with cd. I had a pregnancy test (results weds) and when that comes back negative i have script for some anti acid tablets. And following that a 4 week follow up where they will test further if symptons persist.

SOooo happy not cd related, and they said they think its better for me to conitinyue and were happy id lost weight :)
This could be totally wrong, but when I was younger, I used to vomit for around 24 hours at a time and then after that could eat everything I wanted. The doctors didn't know what it was and I was sent to Guys Hospital in London for tests and it turned out it was a form of migraine, and excitement would trigger it. I missed out on so many trips at school when I was younger because I was sick. My eldest daughter also used to have this, i remember her being sick before a day at the zoo, and sick and Christmas Eve too, but we have both grown out of it, although nowadays if I get excited about going somewhere, or even stressed about something it triggers a full blown headache migraine.... just an idea.

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