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Suprised at Sainsburys and Seafood sticks question and food for tomorrow!

So done my shop for my 7 day attack.. but im going to have to go back for Quark and 0% Greek Yoghurt as the shelves were empty!! Of all the things to be sold out! Surely St Albans isnt full of Dukanites stocking up on quark for the weekend! :)

I got some youngs seafood sticks, im not a fish lover and boy do these babys stink of the sea... but i want some variety in my snacks, but im suprised they are ok.

15g of carbs per 100g, only 9g of protein. Whats good about them?

All set to go tomorrow, my food is going to be

Breakfast, 2 eggs + 2 whites scrambled with 100g be good to yourself bacon medallions (<2% fat!), some yoghurt with 1 1/2 tbspns of oatbran and cinamon

Snack - half pack of chicken

Lunch - Chicken curry (chicken marinaded in yoghurt, cayene and mild curry powder), making enough for 2 days

Snack - Couple of fish sticks

Dinner - 2 rump steaks

Supper - small serving of cottage cheese (using a bit of my old bodybuilding nutrition knowledge and having the casein at the end of the day)

Going to walk the dog in the morning but go for a proper walk with just my ipod after lunch as its a bit stop start with the mutt in tow.

cant wait :)
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Think i spelt it wrong but casein or caseine maybe is a type of protein that takes longer for your body to process. Bodybuilders will have a protein meal high in it at bed time to drip feed the muscles during sleep to avoid as much loss as possible.

I am carrying a lot of muscle and im hoping to hold on to some of it at least so when the padding is stripped down theres something there to cut down in to :)

Ela ine

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Eek! I like crabsticks but that is a lot of carbs!! z
Thats what i though, given they were only a quid and im not keen anyway.. i might give them to the dog :) .. luckily i tried them yesterday so before my official start

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Good luck hun! x
I bought crab sticks, they are horrid, used like em when i was younger...gutted :((
I have tried 3 lots of crabsticks so far, Sainsburys Basics, Aldi and Co Op brands.

The Sainsburys were the cheapest at 75p a pack, tasty but very watery.

Aldi were about 99p, very meaty but not a great deal of taste.

The Co Op, not sure of brand but they are in a blue packet and they only sell the one brand so you can't miss them, quite tasty and a nice consistency, price £1.

All contain 16 sticks.


Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
The ones in the blue pack (£1) are the only ones they sell at the Tesco in my town! Also get these from asda & co-op and they're quite nice.

Got some others though reccently from farm foods and yuck! They taste so vile I binned them!

Edit: just snacking on them
Now but am worried due to carb content... Is there a specific amount of carbs we're meant to stick to? x
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Red Heart

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Please be aware that crabsticks are limited to a maximum of 8 sticks per day. :)


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I can't stand crab sticks either. I use prawns a lot as they are a good appetite fixer if mixed with hard boiled egg and quark maybe with dill or parsley. More expensive but look out for offers as they are frequent.

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