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Surprise holiday to Florida -Arggghh American fast food!!


Will be thin god dammit!!
My mam has just booked for me to go to Florida with her for 1 week on June 18th - just over 3 weeks!!!
Im really happy about it sort of but i have some reservations :(
1) Im still too fat to be comfortable in the heat :mad:
2) None of last years hol clothes fit yet :sigh:
3) America is the worlds capital of delicious junk food!!!!!! :D
I have no ides how I will resist the donuts - fried chicken - tacos - milkshakes - burgers and desserts...Waaahhhh!!! :cry:
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going swimming in that nice warm sea... im sure theres healthy food stores aswell as mcdonalds! but its once in a lifetime chance not sure i;d wan to stick to plan...

im no help am i? LOL


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You can stick to plan - its just like going out here....just cos you have KFC, Maccies and BK in front of you in the UK, you dont have to go in there do ya :D

Look how well you are doing - keep your focus!

Will you be staying a hotel that has a pool/gym - perhaps you could do a deal with yourself to work out for 30 mins each day to give you a little more flexibility on food whilst you are away?

I know theme parks are a little different, but most places have healthier options now! so make good decisions before you order your grub - but most of all enjoy yourself!!!!

xxx Good luck - im not jealous....MUCH!!! xxx
I'm stressing too! I go to Vegas in July...home of the all you can eat breakfast, lunch, dinner everything! I'm planning being as good as possible. I don't want to spoil my OH's birthday by constantly going on about what food I can't eat and which restuarants we can't eat in.

My main concern is whether I'll get my bum into gear and get back onto the plan when I get back. To me I can see it being the perfect excuse to drift off track.

Really need to try hard, but I'm definitely going to enjoy myself while I'm there :)
Hi :wavey:

If you're staying in a villa you can have most meals there and you're in control and you can also go to Walmart to stock up on your super free foods.

All of the Disney parks let you take your own food & drink in (within reason) so again you can have control. It is mainly fast food in the parks but they also have plenty of fresh fruit available too. However hold your nose as you walk past Main Street bakery in Magic Kingdom the smell is to die for :8855:

Have a lovely time!


Will be thin god dammit!!
My parents have a house there so in theory i should be fine
Told my Mam im happy to go out for 1 blow out while im there :p

Ive been quite a few times before so no theme parks just shopping and chillaxing!;)

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