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Survived Vacation! Lost 3 pounds!

Hello there to everyone. Ive been on vacation and I was so determined not to undo all the hard work that I did before I left to go on vacation. I lost 3 pounds on vacation :D. I stuck to grill foods and salads. I did have a slice of apple pie :17729: but I controlled myself and didnt have it the next day and etc.. I just ate reasonable and I stuck to my low carb diet as much as possible.. But I tell you a lot of places really aren't dieter friendlier or low carb at that I found out when I was on vacation. Just foods loaded with calories and carbs..

Im getting closer and closer to my goal so Im going to prepare myself to go into maintence in the next 2 weeks.
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yes vacations can be hard but I was determined to do. Now I know it can be done. But really the restaurants and etc.. aren't dieter friendly. I see why we americans are so overweight.
Well done! must be soooo difficult when your on holiday not to give in! I went out for lunch with friends today (which I'd been worrying about because I didn't want to give in to temptation), I ended up having chicken caeser salad (without croutons) and a bowl of chopped fruit (whilst they all dived into lovely chocolate puddings!) I felt so proud of myself afterwards so you must be feeling ecstatic! bet there's not many people that come back 3 lbs lighter after their hols!!
Hey Fizzy and good for you! It's diffcult but I kept telling myself that I wasnt going to let food control me and that I can do it. It was diffcult watching others eat pizza, cakes and deep fried breaded chicken and etc.. but I did it..:happy036:

I was a bit surprised that I lost weight. I was focusing on not gaining any weight but I'll take a 3 pound lost over the past 28 days that I was on holiday :D
well done morenachica, and good luck on maint.
Thanks Jim :D

I'm new to this maintence thing so I'm poking my head into the maintence forum. Ive already looked in there a few times and read the posts and etc.. now that I have 17 pounds to go I think its time for me to start my maintence program and gradually start to add back carbs per week starting on Monday..
I started off doing the Atkins induction which is only having 20 carbs a day plus I kept an eye on my calories. Now I'm around 40 carbs a day and around 1800 calories a day roughly. Im not at the point where I can count carbs in my head and no what I shouldnt have and what I can have. When I was on vacation I didnt really count my carbs or calories I just knew what foods I could have and couldn't.
thanks abz.. I'm proud of myself if I must say so. It was diffcult but I did it :)
I'm on strict induction for the next week in prep for going away. :D LOL, I say that but if you'd seen what I had for breakfast yesterday LOL. I'm going to post the photo's.
LOL @ Jim
please post the fotos of you :eating:

Hey doing induction before vacations/holidays is always a good thing.. but I'm sure you want over do it, you're a pro now :D
Jim where are the pics, I dont see them :)
Thanks cream. I definitely agree with the statement that it is a way of living. I messed up the first time because we want to lose the weight now and quick and often don't think about the long-term plan. This time I went into this thinking about the long-term plan. Losing the weight is the easy part, keeping it off is the hard part.

I just proved to myself that I can do this and that I have changed my lifestyle. If i can do it then anyone else can too..

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