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Surviving Glastonbury on SS?!

Hi All,
Am massively massively excited :D:D:D:D to be going to Glastonbury for the full 5 days next week, but am on SS at the moment! :sigh: I've ordered a stock of tetras and bars from my CDC, so I know that I can cope without needing to mix soups and shakes, but I am kind of scared about the prospect! It's going to mean telling all my friends about the diet as I'm going in a huge group of about 50, and at the mo most of them don't know I'm doing it, which is scary. Also, I'm going to have to resist all the yummy food smells (though at about a fiver for anything foodwise (pretty much even toast!) that shouldn't be too hard :p! I am going to be saving so much cash!) The thing I am really really worried about though is booze. Have tried to be really good so far, and I just know that sitting around in the sunshine (fingers crossed!) with friends will be torture being the only one without a beer. Is anyone else going? What are you planning to do about drinking? And how much are you dreading how many times we're going to have to visit the toilets/!?:(

Would love to hear from anyone else going, or who has been to a festival of some sort on SS.

Anna x
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hey there, my story is negative im afraid, i was on 810 and just went to download, the campsite was a 40min walk from the main arena and as you couldnt take in any food or drink it would have meant going back and forwards - i dont know if glaston is the same but i would factor that into your programme if so. i completely wasted my enegery taking tetras as from the very start it was obvious i wasnt going to last the festival without copious amounts of pear cider! scared to go on the scales now...
Oh bugger. Thanks for that, will be prepared now I guess. From previous Glastonburys, you can usually get to the campsites all day, and since I'm arriving early and am with some bands, I hope we'll get decent camping spots quite close in to the main site so shouldn't be too far to go back to get stuff, but I don't remember the rules about taking stuff in. Maybe I'll check up on that. No point in lugging tetras all the way there if they're going to be redundant!
All i'll say is, theres a good chance that regardless of how strong you feel now, you wont feel half as strong once surrounded by it all. I did go to a festival last august and ended up going with the intention of sticking at it but after a few hours of seeing people enjoying the sun gave in.
If you decide you are going to drink its absolutely crucial that you eat as it really is dangerous to drink while in ketosis, go for a baked potato with tuna or similar, stay away from the fried stuff and although you might have a shock on the scales you wont end up in hospital.
Btw any gains will be gone in in a few days and wont be fat gains providing you dont go nuts. Thing is with things like festivals you burn off tonnes more calories than you ever would sat in a pub.
Drink loads of water as you would and do eat the cambridge meals if you can as this will give you calories without eating bought food.
Just make sure you enjoy yourself and dont stress about it, tickets cost a bomb and you dont want your day ruined by worrying about how much weight you gain.
I'm not encouraging you to go and pig out btw, if you manage to get through without stepping off plan then fair play to ya and your a stronger person than most, I think your just better off knowing the way if you dont. :)

Knickers, just forget about it, whats done is done, get the water down you and you'll be back to where you were in no time. Its just your carb stores refilling and water retention that goes with it, not fat gain. :)
Thanks Badger. Love your little dancing badger by the way!
So I really shouldn't drink at all? This is my 2nd time on CD, and last time I did drink a bit towards the end (hmm, it was the end for a reason I guess, maybe have answered my own question?!) and I always felt fine if I just had one or two. I don't plan to go mad or anything. Is even one drink dangerous? Sorry, maybe I should know this, or shouldn't even be asking, but would be good to know.
Not if you intend on staying on ketosis, I really wouldnt even chance it, not out in the middle of knowhere, theres a sticky post about it somewhere explaining the dangers. Hence the baked spud as this will knock you out and mean if you have a few drinks you'll be fine but wont be eating loads of [email protected]
Thanks good advice. Think I'm going to try and do it properly, without booze then! And I didn't realise it knocked you out of ketosis (am stupider than I thought!), so will definitely stop having a sneaky glass of wine. It will just take me longer to get to goal and make it harder. Will read the thread on alcohol though just to reinforce that. Thanks.
BTW - your success is amazing! I'm taking anything you say as gospel!


can see the end in sight!
im going to glasto! (yay!) and i'm taking a tetra and a bar each day, am going to have one meal and take some low carb snacks like nuts etc etc for during the day. i am going with my boyfriend and i am not a big drinker anyway so it won't be a problem avoiding the cider bus! i know i will put on a few lbs when i get back but it will only be water weight so i am not too worried. enjoy yourself but if you do decide to drink, make sure you have have some food.
Yep, will do. Thanks for the warning. Who are you looking forward to most?! I'm so excited about Blur, The Maccabees, Florence and the Machine, VV Brown, Lamb, Ladyhawke, well, everyone really!


can see the end in sight!
my boyfriend is a big bruce springsteen fanboy so i'm looking forward to him as he will enjoy it so much and he has never been to glasto so doesn't understand how the vibe there makes every gig 10 x more amazing! and i am really looking forward to rolf harris, amadou et mariam, baba maal, tiniwaren, dizzee rascal, q-tip - SO MANY! I can't wait!
Oh boy...nostalgia has hit...but my festival days are back in the mists of time....(Reading 78, Motorhead,The Police, Whitesnake!!!) I can clearly remember what a huge hassle getting to a loo was too!! Anyway just wishing festival goers a great time !!
Man I wish I was going :( next year for sure.

I'm going to Glade in July and am on the hunt for some gumboots (wellies) that look nice but fit over my calves just in case it rains - not that it's going to

Did any of you buy some cool festival clothes or cool tent stuff specifically for Glasto?
If I were you i'd get some of these mac in a bag coat and trouser waterproofs, not expensive and fold to the size of a hand, weigh nothing aswell. Definately go for comfort over image. Learnt this from going camping years ago in shorts and t shirt with a £15 tent and paid heavilly, now i'm allways prepared with my wellies and waterproofs, who cares how you look after 10 ciders especially when everyones up to there armpits in mud and you are spotless. Those pop up tents are a good idea aswell, read some reviews and get the most waterproof you can for your money that way even if you are drenched youve got somewhere dry to go back to.


can see the end in sight!
i got my kag in a bag from ebay! it was about a fiver. i love it. i have dunlop wellies, last year i had to cut them down the back to fit over my calves, don't need that this year yay!

its going to be a scorcher this year at glasto so i am well prepared with leggings and long shirts/tunics. will take the waterproofs just in case though.
Not being negative but if i was you i'd have waited till after to start it - Galsto is a once in a lifetime thing to do especially for the full duration, the diet could have waited another couple of weeks.
I'm sure you'll do the right thing.
I've had to stop going out full stop as i couldnt bare not having a vino if i was out, and if i did i know it would lead to another, then a kebab at end of night, then next day i'd be hung over and want bad food!!
GOOD LUCK THOUGH - hope i didnt sound negative
i had such trouble finding wellies to fit me, even at 10.7 stones now, i got into most of them but they werea bit too tight, got some in the end from Office - they have shorter ones which are wider (and cheaper).

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