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Susie and Rose birthday party get together London


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Hi all

Rose and I are both July birthday girls (hers is 30, mine is 50 eek) so thought we'd find out who was keen to come and join us in our celebrations?

No idea of what we might do yet - so all ideas welcome. Had vague thoughts of hiring a London Eye ride - or maybe a boat for a Thames cruise?

Re accommodation, I have a very big back garden for the campers among you but it's pretty brambly! Also a spare couch.
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Boats boats boats boats boats boats boats boats boats boats boats.

A boat ride sounds like a lovely idea - the London eye is a little boring really and baking hot mid July - I will warn you now that I wilt in the sun so shade is always a priority but I used to love taking s boat ride down at windsor in the summer - have avoided it recently thanks to the amazing riverside ice cream, eep.

I can't accommodate unfirtunately - its not my house - and know little about rates in town. I can give guided tours around the west end / covent garden practically blindfold, though. We could get cheapie tickets for a show in the evening?


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I agree on the boat idea (and the shade seeking, I'm the same) - how does this sound for a Saturday itinerary? It's all based around my part of town, Rose, so feel free to chip in :)

- Greasy spoon for brekkie - Campardellos in Blackheath Standard gets rave reviews
- Wander around Greenwich and the market
- Picnic in Greenwich
- Clipper cruise down the river and back
- drinks and dinner at the Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich - they have a room upstairs with balconies and river views

I looked at hiring a boat but it's just too £££


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I was thinking the weekend before DS1 birthday hun - 15-17 July? Pleaseeeeeeeee come :)


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Oh what a shame - although your holiday sounds fab too hun :)

Mind you, I'm only suggesting that weekend because that's my birthday - Rose's is later in July...
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Susie I would love to do this, it sounds like a fabulous plan for a day, but we're just back from holiday the week before and it's most unlikely I could come. Although I said that about Brum too. ;)


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Mine is the verrrry last day. I am sad and have currently have zero plans, unless I manage to pick up an internship, but had probably best avoid the actual day just in case family decide to troop by. But could do the 30th, ooorrr the 9-10th? 2nd-3rd? It is holiday season - always used to make parties tricky when I was little.
I would love to try to come - totally adore London :) Can't afford a holiday so most dates should be fine for me :rolleyes:

i agree so will wait on dates x
I would love to, a lot will depend on funds as we are away in May for 2 weeks and I haven't finished paying for it yet (anywhere near finished :( )
sounds like a great day out! and steve's birthday middle of july too.....we are already booked for a weekend's camping in stafford for a friends 40th.....can we fit in a other trip.....hmmmm.......how many moths are in the holiday purse?


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I would love to, a lot will depend on funds as we are away in May for 2 weeks and I haven't finished paying for it yet (anywhere near finished :( )
im exactly the same too. :( skintarama!


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Sounds like you all are just a tad too busy, I'll just have to party on my own :(
sob :wave_cry:

LOL not to worry I'll let you know what I've got planned and if you can join me, then grand :)

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