Susie's 2021 lifestyle overhaul


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S: 20st11lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st8lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 4st0lb(19.24%)
Sadly no walk so far this week, just been so busy in the new job.

In an odd twist, I'm back to posted weight after a) not watching what i ate at all - apart from less bread - over the last few days and b) losing 4 lbs as a result. Bonkers. A friend is a huge advocate of not following any plan, just watching portion size, and she also cuts carbs a bit but not fanatically, so might follow this idea for a bit, try and avoid processed foods and see how i get on.

But the weird thing is, I've been having porridge for B, and rice cakes later, so it's not really low carbs - just no pasta/rice or wholemeal bread.

B - instant oats, berries, nuts, almond milk, coffee
L - roast beef, green leafy salad, 1/2 pack Asda instant mash, a squirt yog/mint salad dressing
D - SW chicken korma with extra zesty quinoa
S - orange, SF on rye cakes

Have a good one!
I have found that i have kind of fallen into having little to no processed foods and my portion sizes have reduced. Even now my eyes can be bigger than my belly. I did have on my plate for dinner two small chicken thighs. I had that with a leafy green salad for extra speed i added some grated carrot and diced peppers. My carbohydrate was a jacket potato with cheese. I couldn't manage the second piece of chicken so our furry baby aka our staffie thought her birthdays had all come at once getting some extra chicken :rotflmao: .


Clean green leafy machine
S: 356lb C: 314lb G: 140lb BMI: 55.6 Loss: 42lb(11.8%)
Afternoon ladies - work has been manic but I've now sent three big emails gone to 12,000 people using systems I'd never used before, and they have all gone ok and worked phew! :). Talk about getting out of my comfort zone!

Just having lunch - but interestingly I've dropped another 2lbs, and I'm not following any plan, just watching portion size - so will keep going with this for now.

B - 2 small slices gluten free bread with reduced fat cheese, coffee
L - SW beef burrito pot
D - not sure, another one of the SW meals

The sun has disappeared wahhhh!
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