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Susie's bid to get fitter and healthier daily dribble

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by ladyfelsham, 17 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Morning all

    I'm Susie and am starting out on my SW "marathon for life" from home tomorrow.

    My story - I was active as a kid, but all that stopped when I got to uni, and since then 25 years of desk work and a very lazy attitude (I do absolutely no exercise!) means the weight crept up and up - but apart from one SW stint about 10 years ago, I did nothing about it. It was only when I hit 20 stone :eek: that I thought "Enough already", so since then, I have tried 'em all, fallen off the wagon every time and put on more weight. I am the biggest person I know - and I don't like it - but what I dislike more is being so unfit and unhealthy.

    I did like low carb and have been on the Atkins Minis section for over two years, but I can work very long hours and it's just too easy to be carb-napped if I'm not prepared, especially as there's no microwave at work - and way too many yummy patisseries and pie shops nearby! So I'd lose a bit, put on a bit, and so on, getting more discouraged every time.

    As I mentioned, I did SW about 10 years ago and started off well, losing two stone, but then my relationship broke up, etc, etc and I stopped thinking about dieting altogether.

    I still think it offers the most flexibility for work, holidays and social occasions to avoid a crash and burn. I've read up on EE here on Minis, but I think to start, I'll stick to either red or green and get my head round it all. A friend has given me her book (from a couple of years ago, I think, it has a green cover) and will buy the directory, etc, online.

    I did think about joining a class, but there isn't one near me and my work often runs late, so I'd miss more than I went to. It also seems to be a bit hit and miss with some of the consultants, from the comments I've seen, and I don't see any point in paying to do it online when there are so many experts at hand here :D

    I'll be posting menus here and would really welcome your critiques to keep me focused! And the very best wishes for a successful weight loss journey to you all.
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  3. Scrumbles

    Scrumbles Silver Member

    Hey hun - how's it going?

    Can't offer any advice or guidance as I've never done SW, but I can certainly cheer you on! :party0011:

    Really hope this works for you....go Susie!xx:D
  4. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    Good look. I would suggest either joining online or going to one SW meeting just so you can get your head around the basics and EE better. But as you say there are plenty of people to help you along on here :)
  5. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine


    Thanks Scrummie love, great to have you here cheering me on :) Sadly, I've been under the weather with an unpleasant tummy bug, so will start next week.

    Agree completely about going to a meeting, Ally, a good plan :) I have lots of work commitments in the evenings, but I've have found a lunchtime one for next Tuesday, and got the boss's OK to have a longer lunch break so I can stay for the whole thing. Really looking forward to it.
  6. slaj

    slaj Gold Member

    Hi Susie, found you! I bought the latest slimming world magazine today, it has some lovely recipes which I am going to try, have decided to up my carb levels and think I might join you with SW as I am really stuck in a rut at the moment! X
  7. coffeelover

    coffeelover Gold Member

    Hi Susie, sounds a good plan :)
  8. Dietkitty

    Dietkitty Rebel without a calorie

    Popping in to cock my leg on your diary, ooh I mean mark my place!! :party0011: here's to next week
  9. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    Thats good, there is a lunch class across from my work on a thursday but i've never been I joined online after doing it with my mum as i don't do social situations haha. Should be good, can make sure you have all the right info and are doing it right :)
  10. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Lovely to see you all, ladies :D

    Another icky upset tum day, my tum is so tight it feels like a drum! Hope it's better tomorrow, but back to work irregardless :(

    Hope everyone had a great day.

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