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Susie's ready steady cook plan

Tipp it's about 6.5 miles from me to Trafalgar Square, takes roughly half an hour - and I'm in Zone 2 of 6 in terms of closeness to London city itself - depending on traffic!
i like London, it has a great buzz about it
I've only had short trips and would like about two weeks there. But I could never live there. But I could never live in any city, I think two months if I had to would be my limit in any city.
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Clean green leafy machine
You lost loads in only 9 weeks 🙂 and you will lose more next Week. You are doing great. Xx
Maintaining is good at this stage...but keep going you are doing great.
Thanks for your kind words ladies, I feel much happier about it today. Last night I did an audit of the fridge and threw bad stuff out from work which had sneaked in, and tonight will be cooking batch meals so I'm not overly tempted by all the Pret baguettes and toasties (the work fridge is full of them today!).

I've also finally started filling in my food diary! We are back in disciplined focus!

B - eggs and 2 Sainsburys be Good sossies (1/2 syn each - 1 total) and coffee (milk HEA)
L - 2 Sainsburys sossies (1) with spinach, sugar snap peas and tomato
D - chicken and bacon with mustard sauce and broccoli rice

Have a good one x
Keep away from the work.fridge.

Honestly it can be hard enough without the temptation of food at work. In the country house we got fed the leftovers and that could be anything...just veg or just sausages or full meals. You never knew when you would get fed again or get to.go home so ate all you could.


Clean green leafy machine
Crazy eh? The work fridge can be very hard to resist - it was full of Mac and Cheese pizzas when I left tonight (so wrong, yet so right)!

Instead I came away with a bag of kale and a box of mushrooms (having both now for dinner), a cucumber and a lettuce - go me! :D.

I've already made tomorrow's B and L (pork pieces in Frylight with steamed kale and mushrooms for both meals) and now am enjoying my chicken supreme (minus the bacon) with lots of green veg - spinach, sugar snap peas and kale - yum!

Tomorrow will get a gammon in the slow cooker for campfire stew, and I've got Thursday and Friday off, so will head to Lidl for some meat bargains :).

Also heard today that my contract is being extended. Don't know how long for yet, depends on the woman who is on maternity leave - but I keep visualising the boss saying to me "X isn't coming back, can you stay?" :).


Clean green leafy machine
Morning all - spring is springing! At least for today :).

feel very upbeat and positive today, wish I could bottle it! :D

Food -

B - pork, kale, mushrooms
L - same, plus an apple
D - campfire stew

In a rush, so have a good one!
That's great news about your contract Susie. Wasn't there some talk a while back about them creating a new position for you.


Clean green leafy machine
That's great news about your contract Susie. Wasn't there some talk a while back about them creating a new position for you.
Vaguely - and I think that's sort of still happening, might become an account manager for two of the bigger supermarket partners, plus regional press. That's what i hope anyway - there's also a job coming up for internal comms/social media - the money is less but might be able to work something out.

Well lunch wasn't as wholesome as I hoped. I resisted the bread rolls, the cheese topped pasta salads covered in mayo, the sossie rolls, the sweet and sour beef in batter, and a load of other stuff - but I did have two scotch eggs and one biscuit (which was stale, does that count? LOL) - so no syns tonight!


Clean green leafy machine
Thanks Tessa, yes it is a mini triumph for me every time I walk out of the kitchen empty handed :D.

Just had campfire stew - which I accidentally set to high for 8 hours in the IP, not low oops - but it tasted lovely anyway :). Will have a Ryvita as one of my HEBs in a bit, with a slice of cheese (HEA), and then the other HEB (you get two for doing SP) on two Hifis yum :).
Hallooo 🙋 Still doing good there Suze despite all the work fridge sabotage..what a nightmare to have a help yourself goodies stash when you're going in for a coffee..huge resistance required and if you're anything like me, best not to even open that door! Thanks for posting the PoN tips, very thought provoking..I am very guilty of No3 and twist the plan around so no wonder it doesn't work for me! Ooo, I've just noticed you've added to your Keep on Keeping..like it.🙂Keep on reaching ✨


Clean green leafy machine
Thanks Tibby!

Morning all - oh I do love a long weekend! Woke up twice for loo/restless leg during the night but was able to sleep in until 9.30am, so I'm feeling very refreshed!

Just waiting for the washing machine repair man, cross fingers it's something simple. Then a delivery of special cat food for Orby, then off to the post office to collect more parcels, and then clean the bathroom - and relax. More of the same tomorrow :).

Not hungry so will skip B and do campfire stew with veg for lunch, then chicken and veg for dinner.


Clean green leafy machine
Fingers crossed the washing machine will be something will be simple and wont cost a fortune to fix!
Thanks Orla - it was simple, the socket under the counter is faulty, so the washing machine is hooked up to another socket and we're back in business yaye! And it only cost £45 - bargain!

Because I'd sold some things on eBay, plus not had to spend £300 on a new machine, I've treated myself to an iPad 5th generation :). I've wanted one for so long, and with my Paypal balance it cost almost nothing, so I'm a very happy bunny. Also don't have to struggle up to the post office - there's no parking nearby and I can't walk far with the old dodgy knees - so have rescheduled for Saturday; and the friend i was going to meet for lunch is coming here instead so I don't miss the deliveries - happy days :). Now I just need the iPhone to be fixed properly tomorrow and all will be well :).

Feeling a bit peckish, even after two mahoosive cups of herbal tea, so might have a snooze instead.
IPad sounds nice, have you any fun games or great apps going on it


Clean green leafy machine
Will have when I get it next week :). I love Homescapes and Gardenscapes, plus a ridiculous one called Mergetown, and Wordscapes (a sort of simple crossword thing).

Well, I'm back from town, the iPhone is working again so cross fingers it stays that way! The guy who bought my table also came round and picked it up, and after lunch (no brekkie and i was starving!), I'm heading off to Aldi to get lots of greens, and some 5% burgers, apparently they are only half a syn each.

So I've managed to pack quite a lot in today already (for me) :).

B - no time
L - two syn free burgers and 4 pork sossies (2) - no veg oh dear...
D - cabbage, broccoli and spinach soup

Signed up to Netflix last week, and am binge watching Grace and Frankie - love it! So that's tonight sorted :).
Grace and Frankie is hilarious, Im so annoyed that I am totally up to date on it. Ive got Amazon Prime too and loving The Man in the Highcastle, its great but quite intense and for me not suitable for binge watching.


Clean green leafy machine
I've got prime too, so let me know if any other recommendations!

Well I went to Lidl instead, it's much closer and I just couldn't deal with the traffic going to Aldi. I did a normal shop and the cost was nearly half what I'd spend in the other supermarkets! I actually compared each individual shopping item with what I'd put in my Sainsburys basket, and wow! I also got a groovy new green called kalette - a cross between kale and broccoli - and not bad, so had that with leftover campfire stew for dinner.

I also got some lush rosemary crackers - 27 cals each, so 1.4 syns or 7 syns for 5 - so had a load of those after dinner (I do love a good crunchy savoury biscuit), and now having a tub of their Skyr raspberry - free on SW and very nice - with some of their peppermint tea :).

Tomorrow, I've got a friend coming for lunch so am making SW chicken supreme with salad, and a dessert made from chilled vanilla and choc sprinkle yogurt and Options stirred in and chilled. Might do some SW hummus too.

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