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SW crisps - your advice wanted


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Firstly I don't want this to kick off into a is it free or not debate.

For those of us who enjoy SW crisps - I have been experimenting today with different flavours. Firstly I discovered if you lay the slices over a Microwave Bacon Tray they don't stick and take exactly 6 mins - woohoo!!!

Anyway - have tried flavours...... Sea Salt, Chicken oxo, Crushed Black Peppercorns, Chinese 5 Spice, Garlic Granules...........................my faves todate being Peppercorns ones or the Garlic Ones.

My question is this............. is there any way to store these to keep them crisp? I have tried keeping them in knotted sandwich bag but they ended up chewy after a while and in tupperware tub again they ended up chewy..............SO IS THERE ANY WAY TO KEEP THEM CRISP???




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I've been making these too.

I sprinkle the potato slices with fahita spices, then microwave. they're lovely :D

I've no idea how to keep them crispy, would like to know though!



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i havent discovered a way to keep them crisp, i find if i leave them for even 10 minutes they tend to go chewy - maybe im doing it wrong! i dont have them very often as i find theyre a bit of a faff on, so im not really an expert, the chinese 5 spice ones sound lush!! :) xx


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I put sea salt and seaweed on mine, and they are lovely, the sea salt and seaweed is from tescos. Also I like to put scwartz perfect shake classic barbecue on, thats good too.

And what do you mean store them to keep them crisp? STORE them???? No no no...you EAT them:8855:;)


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LOL - like the sound of those flavours - will have to give it a go!

The Chinese 5 Spice ones smelt lush but tasted manky! Not worth doing again!!


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awww i wont bother then :( boooo! i wish there were some lower syn crisps out there to buy, i lurvvv skips but i cant really justify 4/5 syns or however many they are :( xx


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OMG... its like i've just discovered a beautiful secret! i can have crisps that arent 5+ syns??? I have every spice known to mankind and WILL be making these!


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I followed this recipe posted here by Shelly.
Instead of microwaving I put the bacon tray under the "Crisp" microwave/grill and it took about 8 minutes and turned out great.
I used garlic powder and salt and it was scrummy, but it looks like there are a lot of different flavours to try :)
Sorry I don't know if the crisps I made become soggy after a while as I ate them straight away :eek:


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I've not tried the crisps yet but I tried to make the SW chips on sunday but they came out like bricks, the odd few that weren't too bad tasted lovely though.

Think I was hoping to get them really crispy and actually ended up cremating them! Will try once more, other efforts came out so much worse so maybe next time I'll get there lol

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