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SW fees


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Last night in class it was announced that they were going up to £4.95. (? before Xmas) Can't say I'm dismayed, I still think it's good value. What did make me smile was the "if you get a countdown now you can still get another countdown at the old price. Not trying to rake in the money then? G*d I'm cynical!;)
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That's a pretty big percentage increase though? I wonder when it last went up, they usually say that it hasn't gone up for x amount of years hence the big rise.
Countdowns are the way to go!!
Is it comparable with other weight loss classes I wonder??
Still good value though me thinks, it's the price of a takeaway and a cheap one at that!
We were told the increase is from January, and the best thing to do is buy a countdown right at the end of December at the current price.

Wacky Jacky

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I haven't heard anything about the rise in price until now (I'm currently going to a Thursday Group) - no doubt the Consultant will let us know ........... the increase is quite a jump, but I feel it'll still be worthwhile - the countdowns really are good value, and always have been although I've never taken advantage of them as I'm usually on a tight budget from one week to the next and it "feels" like a big outlay paying more out in one go!

I'm onto my last 7lbs and I hope to shift that by Christmas ...... this price increase might just give me that little bit more incentive to get to target and save even more money as I won't need to pay at all .... if / when I reach target and maintain it! lol

Mrs V

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Count downs are great value...they also make you have that little bit more of a commitment to the class as you have paid a lump sum.
I'm onto my last 7lbs and I hope to shift that by Christmas ...... this price increase might just give me that little bit more incentive to get to target and save even more money as I won't need to pay at all .... if / when I reach target and maintain it! lol
Snap! :D
More money? Oh my goodness, I'm not happy about that. Aren't we already paying more than WW? And YET AGAIN we didn't get told the password this week.

I've just arranged a lift to class, so I'm saving money there...But I could also save even more money by buying good scales and doing it myself. I know the basics now and I have Miniiminnmiums. Grrrr.


Mad as a Hatter
We got told about the price increase a couple of weeks ago - in fact on the Ruby party night.. it has come out as a letter from the founder - MBM or whoever ...
I think they said that the prices haven't been increased in something like 5 years or something, but I agree that it does seem quite a hike..

With regards to the password, in my class everyone has a little post it note stuck into their book, and each week, the lady who takes your money writes down the next 2 weeks passwords, so the leaders must know them in advance - either that or mine is just very organised...

Just an idea for you ladies who are struggling to get your passwords - maybe suggest that she writes it up on a white board or a notice board in the room where you have class...
I thought we were in a recesion and things were supposed to be getting cheaper?
The consultants know the password something like a month in advance, they should tell you each week - if they don't, I suggest you text or ring her to find out what it is. There should also be a board in group with the password on, ours doesn't always remember to tell us but it is available on the board.

As for being in a recession, this is no reason for SW to drop their prices. The consultant still needs paying and I doubt she needs a drop in wage!! Running costs will have increased an awful lot, think fuel prices?

Also, if the price hasn't gone up in 5 years then I think a ten percent rise is pretty acceptable, if not annoying! Perhaps it would be better to have a small increase every year rather than not put it up for ages and then have a bigger price rise and annoy people.
WW do a monthly pass that works out a lot cheaper than paying weekly:

'Sign up to monthly pass TODAY and you’ll get your introductory month for just £17.00, meaning that it will cost you less than £3.95 a week on average.* ..... After the first month you'll pay just £17.95 a month (equivalent to just £4.14 a week) until you cancel.'

Which I suppose is the SW 'countdown' equivalent really.

Yes, crafty!!! Mind, even if it was only £1 a week I wouldn't switch to WW!!

I remember only too well going to bed at 7.30pm because I was starving but had no points left!! (shuddddder)!


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My consultant hasn't mentioned a thing this week (didn't stay last week so don't know if anything was said then) so this is the first I have heard of it. Oh well will have to save for a countdown I think.


I can do this............
We heard about this yesterday at group and our consultant said it was meant to come into place in april but the consultants had taken a vote to decide whether it should go up or not, they obviously voted no. But she said they weren't give the option to vote this time and the increase would go ahead.

I have to say i normally buy a countdown as it keeps me on the straight and narrow.I can understand why they have done it and i have to day i would go whatever the price as i love it so much!!

Everyone at our group said they would be buying countdowns on the last group of the year!!
I've just had a sneaky look on the WW site...... it's £5.50 a week so SW is still the cheaper (and better!) option. :D
Ah, I think I saw a WW ad that was quoting the "countdown" type price. Not that I would go back to WW, because SW is so much better! It is just annoying me, because I already thought SW was a bit expensive. I'm finding the cost a little much for me at the moment.

I don't relish the idea of paying for a countdown, since I've seen people saying, on here, that they really were unable to attend a class but lost a week of the countdown, despite phoning ahead of time. I don't want to be punished for paying in advance.
That's the pain with countdowns - you do have to pre book holidays at time of purchasing and there is no allowances for "emergencies". I know the reason they do it is to stop those "I've had a bad week and don't want to get weighed/can't be bothered" people but that doesn't help if you have a real emergency.

Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
I asked my Consultant about this price increase at the end of class last night, as she hadn't mentioned it during the session ......... It drew a "blank" look ..... nothing more! Hhhmmmm.........? No doubt you guys know more than my Consultant - lol

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