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Don't know about at group as I don't go to one.

I THINK there's a new one in Asda. I lose track, seeing as there seems to be ages between issues, and, like every other mag, the date on the cover is always so far ahead. WHY do magzines do that? Does my nut in, so it does!


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It's still the green and blue cover one from mid December, or at least it was last week (my WI is tomorrow) - I think it's been ages since that one! I get excited when the new one comes out :) x


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I think they need to do them every month. I get too impatient and can't wait for the new ones to come out! Then I scroll through them reading the recipes and such thinking 'ooh... that looks nice,' etc, etc and promptly forget to make half of the stuff I fancied the look of! LOL!


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Hi guys just checked on the SW calender (the free one in one of the mags) well the dates for the mags are:
Mar/Apr is 12th Feb, May/June is 2nd April, July issue is 28th May, Aug/Sept is 16th July, Oct issue is 3rd Sept and Nov/Dec is 22nd October. Hope this helps. I can't for the mag to come out each time .xxx

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Im getting impatient as I have cooked everything in the ones I have already and want some new recipies lol.. that said I am thinking of adapting some WW and Rosemary Connelly recipies to being SW friendly (well at least EE friendly) as I wanted something to read on the train so bought these and a huge mag full of WW recipies

dunno about everyone else but if SW released a mag every month id still buy it seems its better value to me than wasting money on Cosmo etc



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I would love it to come out every month, i too get impatient, and why do they bring the issues out in advance??


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ok , it may just be me, but didnt they used to bring one out every month a few years ago? hmmmm maybe it is me lol


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I thought it was always every other month, but a couple of years ago they started doing them every month every now and again.