SW Magazine home made sausages! Yum!!


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Hi folks, has anyone made the sausages from the SW magazine page 57 (recipe page 64) yet? I've just had them for breakfast this morning with a 2 egg omlette and some Heinz sweet chilli beanz and oooh it was delish!! The recipe is:put extra-lean pork mince in a bowl and add fennel seeds, chopped fresh parsley (I used coriander as that's what I had in fridge!), a pinch of nutmeg, crushed garlic, S&P and an egg white. (I also added chilli powder! Personal preference!!) Mix altogether and make into sausage shapes. Grill, turning a couple of times! The recipe in the mag features it with mash and ale-and-onion gravy and they've made a bigger quantity so I haven't specified quantities! I just played by ear! One egg white didn't seem too much though, and I made them last night and kept them in the fridge overnight so they went a bit firmer anyway!
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Is it worth buying fennel seeds especially, or would they be ok without? What do fennel seeds taste like (apart from fennel LOL), are they spicey or something?
As you can tell I've never used them :)


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I saw these (only got the mag yesterday) and will definitely be making them - poss with variations.

I know the WW sausages are only 0.5 syns each but if I can save those that'll allow me more of other things :-D


Never gets tired of SW!
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They'd be fine without fennel seeds! You could use whatever herbs and spices you fancy really!! They taste aniseedy basically, I like them, but I am a fan of Pernod!! LOL! I wouldn't have chosen to put them with pork to be honest but they were very nice! I wouldn't go out of your way to buy them though! Use what you've got at home!X


Never gets tired of SW!
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Exactly Suepat 10, and when you make things from scratch you know vaguely what's going in them- maybe not what part of the pig is in the mince, but at least you're not adding loads of salt/preservatives etc and you can choose your herbs and spices and added extras which I find quite satisfying! enjoy! My breath does reek of garlic now though! Good job I'm not in work til the night shift tonight!!X


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Yep! We had them with mash and gravy too and they were lovely. They can be a bit dry, but that's because I think OH overcooked them a bit.


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I made them, I wouldn't go made on the fennel seeds though. I was going to make them with bramley apple but I forgot, my kids like pork and apple sausage and weren't to keen on the fennel.

FC how did you cook yours my hubby cooked them while I was out and they were a bit hard and dry I tried a couple in the frying pan with frylight and they were a bit better.


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hi guys a little tip with pork patties/sausages (altho it looks gross to start with) i turn them in to sausages or pattie shapes and like funcurls said put the in the fridge over night, then i get my frying pan and put half an inch or water in it and almost poach them ( plus it takes away all the yucky fat! then i drain them on kitchen papers rinse out the pan and dry it, spray with fry light and brown them.

i find the "poaching" keeps them moist!
Wow - they look lovely (just had a look in the magazine). And the flavourings can be adapted to whatever you like, or have already in the cupboard. Personally I think that's rather too much garlic, but each to their own. Definitely going to make these.