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SW Margherita potato pizza base

In this months SW mag there is a recipe for margherita potato-based pizza that looks really lovely. I have heard of using mash for a pizza base before and wondered if anyone has tried it before and did it taste nice?

I will give it a try this weekend and will let everyone know how it turns out

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Hi Steph,

I made my potato base last night and its currently solidifying in the fridge to cook for tea later. Will let you know how it goes, it did look delicious.

Only drawback I could see was that you have to prepare the base the night before and let chill for up to 24 hrs which is a pain because when I want something, I want it now ! I have no patience but we'll see with this and if its worth all the waiting around.
Only drawback I could see was that you have to prepare the base the night before and let chill for up to 24 hrs which is a pain because when I want something, I want it now !
LOL! I am the same! Can't wat to see how yours turns out!

Hi Vicky

Good point! I will remember to make it thin (the piccie on the sw mag shows quite a thick crust)

Thanks for the tip honey!!
Make it really really thin steph
About 1cm really. Squash it out on grease proof paper thats been sprayed with frylite. Helps turn it to crisp up base.


rainbows holiday buddy :)
this isn't the recipe in the magazine but, in my opinion, will taste better than the other recipe as the base is thinner and you can't taste the potato.

firstly - let me just say i HATE smash! ...and i posted on a while ago saying that my consultant said i could have free pizza!!! ... using SMASH as a base. well i love her to death now because she did it, i tried it out of politeness, expecting to gag when chewing and i eat me words - it was LOVELY!!! i swear to god you can't taste potato...not that SMASH tastes of potato anyway!!

it's free on a green day too - FREE PIZZA! this diet is going to be so much easier now that i can eat the forbidden!

  • 1 x bag of SMASH (apparently the cheaper the make the better, so will try it with smartprice instant mash soon)
  • tomato puree
  • any cheese(s) from health extras
  • oregano and basil
  • any toppings such as onion, mushroom, sweetcorn, even quorn fajita strips!
  1. pre-heat the oven and put a pizza tray in to warm up.
  2. put SMASH into a bowl and slowly add water - make it as thick as possible...could always add some herbs to the base or some garlic.
  3. take pizza tray out of oven and spray with fry-light.
  4. using your hands spread SMASH out onto the pizza tray, but don't press down too hard....try and get it around 5mm.
  5. put in the oven for 7-10 minutes
  6. take out of oven, turn SMASH base over and put back in over for a further 7-10 minutes to crisp the other side.
  7. remove from oven and leave to cool.
  8. bung all other ingrediants on and finish off under the grill until the cheese melts.
  9. eat the whole bloody thing to yourself! :eatdrink012:
Ohhhh forgot to come back and post. The one from the mag that I made turned out delicious. I didnt make the crust as thick as in the picture and took your advice to press it down thin and it turned out fab.

So delicious. Will be making it again this week for sure.

Mmmmmmmm yummy !


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Well I have made the smash base and went wrong somewhere I now have 3 small bases all different sizes and not round at all.:sigh: The whole thing stuck to the tray (didn't have a pizza tray so used an ordinary baking tray) this may be the cause. Putting on my own topping:
Sprayed a pan with frylight, added chopped onion, mushrooms, a little tomato puree some chopped toms and herbs - cooked until very thick - we will see!!! Will top with mozarella cheese. Irene may go hungry tonight.:eek:
Will let you know the outcome!!!!


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Well I put on my topping last night which I have to say was lovely but the base ugh!!!! I felt the base lay heavy on my stomach. Not for me - may try the SW recipe using real potatoes or use a few syns for a 'proper' base.
hi all i made the smash pizza (smartprice smash) last night for me and my sis and have to say it was a success.......well actually first attempt on base failed slightly too thick (even though i was pre warned lol) but second attempt was spot on nice and thin topped with mushrooms sweetcorn and hex low fat cheese also i used tomoto puree with garlic for extra flavour.....me and my sister loved them and the kids gave there seal of approval too..............was explaining the concept to the lady on the till in asda and it tickled her pink ha ha it does sound strange especially to a non sw person but defo worth a try x

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