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SW over Christmas (Lets be honest)


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As with all the other posts, im not sticking to it xmas day but will be trying up to the day! :)


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S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well ive got a fuddle at work on the 22nd, doing a buffet xmas eve for family, then xmas day eat whatever i want, then a meal boxing day! i am not working the week between chritsmas and new year so gonna hit the gym hard :) im just going to enjoy as much as i can it only comes once a year :)
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I'll be sticking to plan :)
I've just ordered the extra easy christmas book from ebay so will have to see what treats are in there but still diet friendly. I'm finding it hard enough to lose weight as it is, if I have one blow out I have a feeling I'll find it really hard to get back on track.

Plus with SW being the way it is, I dont really think I'll be missing out on much!
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I'll be sticking to it kind of - I'm not missing out on Xmas dinner treats like stuffing, gravy etc but after the main dinner I'll make smarter choices and not pick at lots of choccies like I usually would. I'm also asking my mum to get in some diet coke so I can drink it with vodka. It's the first Xmas in years that I'll be with my parents Xmas day and I want to enjoy it with them and OH.

Boxing day we're driving to OH's uncle in London but I should imagine he's doing a buffet so I can pick the SW friendlier options. Next day we're going to his French nans in Dorset so I'll eat what she makes (you don't cross OH's French nan or refuse her food lol).

In between Xmas and new year I'll be hitting the gym then nothing planned for new year so back on plan.
I will be having a flexi syn day but really the xmas lunch can be extremely SW friendly. I plan to make my own stuffing with low syn sausages, SW roast veg, meat without skin and a few syns for gravy and cranberry sauce (homemade with sweetner instead of sugar).

Then most of the syns will go on booze trifle & chocolates in front of the tele.


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Could lie and say I'm sticking to it, but I've already started buying treats... will try to have mostly on plan days, but we'll see...

Am sooooooooo excited at the prospect of being naughty :D

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