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sw website

yeah i was thinking that might happen, but writing down what i ate lost interest for me, i would rather find it online and do it or on ipod
Hi there
I do SW online and I love the diary -I haven't missed a day yet -no excuse for me "forgetting" things that way. I sit first thing in a morning and plan what Im having for the day -then I know what i have to look forward to, and what healthy extras or syns I have left to use up.
thanks i have typed in todays food so far , tonight is bbq so will sit here trying to plan that
wouldn't an app for syn values be great :)


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yeah theres a WW point calculator app for phones. it uses the camera on your mobile to scan the barcode on any product and it tells you how many points is in it. Was saying to my hubby that someone ought to make a SW one so i can walk around the shops with it!


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ummm... it has to be an android phone. You go to the market section on android. The application is free and is called 'WWCalcUK'. Someone will make an SW one eventually, Im sure. (well, i hope!)


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you might be able to find an app on there... i dunno anything about all this high tech malarky to be honest. twas my hubby who showed me and I was all dumbfounded at how out of touch I am.... lol. I kept looking at phone saying 'but how does it know?'...


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I go round Tesco with Internet phone logged in to SW syns online, god knows what i look like whilst just standing staring at a product whilst im waiting for it to load on my phone, but is useful for looking at different products ( if it wont load i just write down what it is look it up at home and buy next week if ok)
Is anyone else starting to find the articles on the website a bit pointless? Worse is that it seems to be getting more and more advertising based - last week there was a survey on flavours you might like for the Dairylea Deli range, and its still there this week. Plus this weeks so called "picnic tips" is little more than an advert for Muller light yoghurts!

There are so many ways this website could be better - i-phone/android apps, better presented syns directory, but there seems to be little likelihood of it ever being exploited fully.

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