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SW working for anyone going it alone?


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Hello everyone, :)

Just lost 9lbs in a month on a low carb diet and sadly put back on three already. I have done SW twice in the past years- both times going to group and best wt loss was 2 stone on first attempt (3 yrs ago now :cry:).

I really don't enjoy the groups anymore.

My old consultant was a tad irritating and made a few (unintentionally- I'm sure) flip, patronising and even slightly hurtful comments- Perhaps I'm just too sensitive mind! But I left group after one of these sessions and never went back.:sigh:

So , I don't want to go to group again and hers is the only local one available. I also don't want to join online as I think I have all the stuff here already- diaries, cookbooks and optomising books.

I did like the free foods aspect and have heard about Extra Easy on here but am not really sure what it entails. I generally liked green days reather than red in the past.

I'm also thinking about putting aside the weekly fee and saving it up - half for treats for me and half for charity ( I support the British Lung Foundation, the Motor Neurone Disease Association and The Dogs Trust). I would rather give money to them rather than to SW, I think.

Suppose what I really want to know is if there are any minimums people out there doing SW sucessfully on their own with out going to group and am I likely to be able to stick to it without the image therapy etc.

Any comments gratefully received.
Thanks Guys.
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Hi Jenny,

Sorry you haven't had very good experiences with classes, I was lucky with my SW consultant although there were a few rubbish WW ones. I'm currently doing SW alone (only three days in mind you!) and I've found it easy so far, the only thing I will say is that you have to do a lot of homework and prepare lots of lists and things, buy the magazine to help you and of course ask anything on here. I brought a seperate notebook to write down all the food lists in. Do you have any of the magazines, leaflets, directory etc left over from last time? You can get directorys from ebay but they are a little more expensive than in class. You can do it on your own, but the thing is you do have to really, really want to do it, and be prepared to put that extra effort in with researching all the syn values of things that you like to eat, making menus, writing a food diary each day etc.

But if you are determined to do it, then you will xx


Call me Nicky xx
I am doing SW at home and I did last year as well. I have had mixed success. This time my head is firmly in dieting zone. These are tips which I have found useful;

1. Even though you are weighing on your own scales, choose a WI day and stick to it, dont get on the scales intermittently because your weight will fluctuate. SW Consultants only weight you once a week so adopt that approach at home.

2. Measure everything it is amazing if you have never done this, to see how big/small certain portions are.

3. Use all the resources you can, Minis is great for syn values, recipes, tips and tricks.

4. Write your food diary as you would if you went to class and count your syns properly. This time I am, last time when I did SW at home as I felt I could "get away" with it and this plagued my success. There is a forum on here for SW food diaries and you will find others doing SW will help and advice if needed.

5. SW is a change of lifestyle. you need to plan plan plan. Plan your meals, ensure yur home is packed with SW friendly food. Batch cook SW friendly meals for you and your family so you can defrost one and cook one like you would a convience meal etc..

6. Have a goal and focus on that. We are coming up to the hardest time of the year so keeping that goal is important to keep focus.

I believe that if your head is there then you can follow any diet any where. All you can do is try to see whether SW at home is an approach you can maintain.

Best of luck xx


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I'm going it alone too. I started on Tuesday this week and so far it has been fine although I realise it's very early days. This forum is great and has been a great help this week (although i've spent far too much time online because of it)!!!!! Good luck!


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I don't have a class where I am, or I don't think so! So doing it alone. Been doing it since January and have lost 3 stone 4lb so far. Perhaps not such a big loss as anyone going to classes but I'm pleased with what I have achieved.

As I work strange and long hours in the summer I just ate sensibly (lost 7 pounds) and am now back on track again (until next summer!).

I do the recipes from books that I have bought and recipes that have been posted on here.

I'm really focused at losing weight and don't want to go back to being "huge" again, so keep plodding at home.

OH is supportive as well as the people on here.

Best of luck going alone - and as someone said you need to keep strict rules so you weigh in each week at the same time, keep food diaries!

Take care - xxx
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I'm doing it alone too,cant afford to go to classes. with the help of a borrowed book,the help on here and the SW website . It can be done


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Thank you all for these replies- very useful and I am going to take the planning aspect on board+++
You are all doing so well.
I made a really nice free soup today and plan to keep warm with this whenever over the next few days.

I have started today and seem to be fine (so far so good)

I too am really enjoying reading the posts and getting inspiration.

Thanks all. Jenny
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Hey, i have been roughly following the slimming world diet throughout my pregnancy just to try to keep my weight down i was 212 when i fell pregnant, It really does work, i am due to give birth on the 24th of Nov and i have only gained 2 pounds in the whole of my pregnancy, the average woman is meant to gain 20 pounds during pregnancy, i truely believe if it wasnt for following my slimming world recipies and books etc i would be the average woman!!! I make huge bolognaises and shepards pie using quorn, i make my own pasta and curry sauces and enjoys eating lots of noodles and jacket potatos! I cant wait to give birth and see how much i now actually weigh, I think sticking to the plan over christmas is going to be hard but i think if we want it bad enough we can all do it! Good Luck ladies xx


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I too am doing SW from home and doing well. I tried to do it from home before - stuck to it for a couple of weeks (and lost weight) then fell off the bandwagon, and put the little bit of weight I lost back on plus more! I totally agree with ilovelife about making a commitment to yourself, I know now that my heart wasn't really in it the first time round. This time however I'm very determined to get to target, also my OH is being very supportive and he knows that reaching my goal means a lot to me.
Good luck!
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I too, dont like the classes. One aspect is the money (fab idea to give to charity instead) although I do understand that SW is a business and consultants are doing their job. My other aspect is the time.....there is alot of waiting around, queing etc and even then you might have a theme that night that you're not interested in (eg for me it was if the class talked about red days... not eating meat, I didnt want to spend a whole hour listening about it!). I've just started this time going it alone and I'm pleased to be doing it alone and not at a class. All the best, I'm sure you'll do well x


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I've been going it alone since May, with the just the help of this forum and the lovely people on it, and I am losing weight so it can be done, so good luck to you.
Lots of people successfully follow SW alone, as long as your head is in the right place then it can be done, as can any plan.
I applaud anyone who can do it alone, I know I couldn't. I've gone to group every week without fail for 2.5 years now and I know if I didn't go then I would put the weight back on.
For me the benefit is twofold - I need the threat of the scales to keep me on the straight and narrow and also the social aspect, I love my group and have some fab friends there, I think you miss this if you don't go to group but it's each to their own and I know people have different reasons for not going to class.

When did you last do SW? It may be worth popping along to the group for one week, rejoining, paying a tenner and getting all the new and latest books and then following it on your own.

Good luck whatever you decide hun. xx

Mrs V

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I go it alone as I cant afford the class at the moment. You really have to be focused as the others have said, as you wont have the threat of the scales each week looming over you and its all too easy to "miss" as weigh in!.
I miss the classes as I got a lot out of them and I feel for you that you havent had the experience of a class that so many of us here have or have had. Once I can afford to go again I will, but saying that, I will probably be at target before that happens!!! Lol
You can do it Hun.



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Hi Jen,another Welshy here **waves**

I have recently stopped going to classes but for a different reason and do hope to carry on my success by going it alone. I lost 6 1/2 in 3 weeks and then fell off the wagon in a big way. Weighed this week and I had gained 3lb :cry:

Anyway, have decided to sort myself out and get back on it. Maybe I will go back to class once I have redeemed myself but until then I will rely on Minimins for support. To be honest, I don't think I could do this without the lovely ladies here!

You'll get the information and support you need right here. We're all in this together. Good luck.

Hayley xxx


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THere ae some fab tips and encouragement on here. I am another SW home member! LOL

i did it 2 years ago and lost 1 stone (at the time that wa ll i needed to lose - if only now!) I'll see how I get on so far. I've been pretty slack recently but am aiming to get back on track.


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Hi Hun, I also do SW at home, So far I have lost 23lb (it was 25 until last week major blip lol!). I have found it easy enough however I am taking the scenic route and find that when I fall off the wagon its usually hard to get back on whereas I would imagine being at group would be an encouragement to get back in the driving seat easier. Anyway hun I wish you the very best of luck and I know that you will get lots of support and encouragement from the great bunch of guys on here! x


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Im doing it from home, its the first time ive really done SW, always been a weight watchers girl but i was really struggleing with feeling hungry all the time and then binging on a weekend because of it. so far so good but im still a little pessimistic about how you can eat so much and lose weight but hey im willing to give it a shot! Weigh in on wednesday so we shall see then!
I too arnt keen on the group thing though or the price, and the fac ti never really found any WW group talks of any use, the only motivation was the scales!
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Hi mate

I just wanted to add some context to the replies you have received.

When you ask about ANY success on here you will get tons of positive replies because we are the ones still going for it- just please be aware that there are lots of people who tried going it alone and failed (and don't come on minimins anymore- so you won't get their version)

I see lots of people come and go on here- occasionally it is someone who makes a decision to do it alone, and sometimes, sadly, we never hear from them again. But, as you have heard, many make a real success of it.

I strongly agree with what many have already been said- if you are absolutely determined enough, it doesn't really matter what means you have of getting there- you will do it.

(Yey to all of us who are still here and doing it our way- whichever way that may be)

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