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Swapping LL for CD-Any Advice??


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Hi everyone

Just wondered if anyone could offer any advice about changing from LL to CD.

I'm on wk 9 of LL and have lost 28.5lbs, with about 21lbs still to go. I've got on really well with LL and have no problems with the shakes/soups etc. However, my LLC is not the best in the world, and I am finding that the counselling part is not really working due to a very overbearing member of my group. She likes to talk and talk and then talk some more, so some weeks we only get about 15mins of the counselling side of the programme. I have spoken to my LLC but she is not a very strong person, and doesn't appear to want to speak to this particular member, and as I'm paying £66 for this, I'm getting a bit fed up.

Can anyone give me the pro's from CD as apposed to LL, and is there any form of counselling available on CD.

Any replies gratefully received, thanks.
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I'm considering a move like yourself from LL to CD I'm only in my forth week but am having problems with the foodpacks, started off okay but gradually my flavour choices are becoming more restricted each week as the smell and tatse of them are just making me gag:sigh:. I getting very disheartened as it the weight is coming off for me but just can't face the remainder of the time on one flavour only. I have to say I'm undecided about the counselling as ours is a full group andd the LLC seems only to interact with those closest to her in the room, but really in my terms its early days yet. I have emailed a CDC in my area and she has replied really promptly with details, she says she does one to one's although i don't know what these consist of but at least you would be getting her full attention for whatevertime and also the cost is cheaper, i suppose it really depends if you feel you are getting anything from the counselling in LL, my opinion on what I have experienced is really thats its presented to you and you need to work at it yourself at home.But like you would love to hear what other people have to say:D


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The counselling on cd varies depending on your counsellor, as obviously there are both good and bad counsellors out there. When I did cd, my counsellor was just a supplier really and gave no support, which is what inspired me to become a CDC myself.

Some counsellors do one-to-one sessions, some do drop-ins, and some do groups. Personally, I do drop-in sessions, as I work full-time so no longer have time for one-to-ones. However, we're all trained to know the inside outs of the diet, and have all had the experience of doing the diet ourselves. The counselling on cd isn't 'structured' like LL, but, speaking for myself, i'm always there to suuport my clients, whether it be in person, or whether they want to email/phone me with any problems or queries.

I've never done LL, but the flavours and variety on cd are apparently much better. Cd is also half the cost, so, if you feel that you're gaining nothing from your group counselling anyway, it might be worth moving over for financial reasons alone!

Naturally, it's your choice at the end of the day. I would never try to persuade anyone that Cambridge is 'better' than LL, as both diets have their merits, and I know that lots of people are successful on both. Perhaps you could give your local CDC a call, and decide from there whether you think the move would be a good idea?

Good luck with whatever you decide. :)

Jo x


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I tried LL first but the flavours were horrible and I just couldn't face the next 6 month drink things I found horrid.

After a few months, (I had been so put off), I tried CD and the flavours are so much better. My CDC is also much much much much better than the LLC was, she gives me lots of help. I also have just starting reading book on eating less and why we over eat and personally feel these will be more help to me than the LL groups would have been.

Hope that helps.
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Hi I did the whole of foundation on LL and some... I am now on CD , never looked back, only thing I lost really was being over charged by the tune of £20 every week. I dont get the group support anymore but I use Minis as my group support , every bit as good as the counsellor I had to be honest as I never rang her, minis is better.
The flavours are better and more varied, but at the end of the day its still shakes , soups and bars even if they are nicer, so its still tough if you dont like the texture etc.
I started a thread about changing from LL to CD and there are other threads as well on this subject have a quick search, but the important thing is not to break between them, just go from abstinance to Sole source and you shouldnt notice any differnce to your weight losses , just in your purse! LOL
Good Luck whatever you decide to do.


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Hi everyone

Thanks for your replies. I have contacted a CDC and await hearing from her, then I will make my decision, but it looks like I will change, £66 a week is alot when your not getting much from it.

I'll keep you updated.
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Hey, I started on LL but found the counselling unhelpful- found it very 'salesy' like i was constantly being pitched to. My LLC was clearly making a lot of money from us judging by her car, office etc., and she had no time for her clients as individual people. I hated the flavours so with both of these issues I switched across to Cambridge and am so glad. Its half the price, but granted there is no counselling (altho i didnt find LL counselling was worth 30quid- would rather go to a proper psych for that price!). Obviously everyone is different and I would never try and persuade anyone either way but just letting you know my experience. I love the flavours on CD although I go through phases of loving/hating different flavours each week!

Good luck and hope you find the change not too stressful- I was scared about telling my LLC I wanted to leave and when I finally got up the courage she tried to threaten that I would never be able to handle it on my own :-o shocker!! xx
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I had a bad reaction from my LLC also and it really upset me, and Id wished I had just stopped going like a lot of people do, and not given her the courtesy of letting her know and thanking her for her help up to that point.
Be strong and just do whats best for you, and rest assured what ever you decide you will always have the support of minis!

I've just started a thread in the very low calorie diets bit 'cos I'm not sure whether to switch from LL to CD. It starts "help please" if you wanna have a look and pass on any words of wisdom...



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Hi Everyone

thanks for all the replies.

I can confirm that I am now a fully fledged member of Cambridge and have happily munched my way through a malted bar and had a spicy tomato soup (yum yum).

I've told my LL counsellor why I'm leaving and she wasn't very happy, but, it's me that needs to be happy not her.

Good luck to everyone else who's thinking of changing - I don't regret it at all!!!!

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