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sweet like coco is annoyed with the scales-food diary for today

Ok guys I am losing 0.2 kilos per week this is not normal. Thats only 1/2 a pound a week and this is my third week on atkins and I have 3-4 stones to lose. I must be doing something wrong so I am trying to do everything by the book. Here is what I have had so far today- and my plans for this evening

Breakfast: 1 Americano- i got up really really late :p

Lunch: Egg, tuna and mayo mixed in with a green leafy salad of the ready washed and cut salads you get at sainsburys, drizzled with a fair amount of olive oil. The Salad was measured in a cup and then weighed on the scales and it was about 45g- this is how much my mug was full when loosely packed- is this ok or too little?

I am drinking water constantly throughout the day

Snack: 1 slice of smoked turkey

Dinner plans: Trout in the oven drizzled with olive oil and served with 1 mug of salad.

Snack: 2 tablespoons of double cream with a touch of cocoa powder and splenda
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Some one once told me that the Ready washed salads are actually washed in sugar solution to help them keep longer and taste sweeter. I can't conform that though. Do you wash them again before using then Coco.


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Oh I hope that's not true! I live on those bags of salads.... :/
I can't prove it one way or another, it's just something I was told. I suppose washing it again would solve that problem though.


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I'm going to now. Just in case... thank you
I wonder if that's why you've not been feeling well? fat & sugar maybe?


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How do you mean Jim? Eating too much fat & sugar?
Yes it does love.

Mets, if you're eating protein as you're diet, then eating sugars as well is really unhealthy. I might be obsessing a bit here, I mean how much sugar solution would still be on the veggies? I don't know, but I played safe and washed my pre prepared veggies back then. I don't bother now though.

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