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Sweetas' Slimfast diary


loving being a loser
I have posted elsewhere ... on the slimfast section, but i want people to be able to follow and see how im getting along... i started slim fast on thursday 3rd of march 11. my first weigh in is tomorrow... eek i will find out how this week has gone... im hoping for 2lbs... maybe 3lbs if im lucky... sticking with the shakes had been easy for morning and lunch... no problems whatso ever and now its nearing the end of the first week my cravings seem to have disapeared. yay... evening meals have been more of a challenge as we have had a family meal and pancake day ... haha ... nevermind i was careful with my portions so lets just see ... :confused:

i decided to do slim fast as its cheap and i love milkshake lol! simple as really im currently unemployed :( and getting by, selling my artwork... today i have painted patrick swayze for a school friend so that will be a few pennies towards the rent... im pretty happy with it actually!! :) i also had a job interview on monday to work in a new look! if i get that job i really am going to have to lose some extra pounds so i can wear there clothes comfortably as you where there stock for uniform... and with a 50% discount, wowzer that would be a reason to stick with the plan :) i could get me a cheap new wardrobe yay!!! haha... what else have i done this week... erm, i have done just dance 2... for an hour everyday which i love doing... and its excersize... update tomorooow x

wish me luck on weigh in 1!!!
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loving being a loser
Update on the weigh in :) ... lost 3lbs so im pretty happy :D specially as i did stuff in some pancakes for dinner on tues and have a bigish meal on saturday... going to try and be a little stricter this week if i can... but i have some good and bad anniversary's this week :( 8 years since my dad died tomorrow :(... and 6 year anniversary since i met my now husband on saturday :D... hmmm lets hope we can do something other than eat for comfort... and celebration ... hmmm xxx
Well done on your weight loss, you are already on the road to success :) Keep going!

Wow, I'm impressed having the ability to draw patrick swayze :eek: I can just about manage 'stick men' ;)

Good luck with the interview, good motivation there!

AND have a lovely anniversary celebration..without errrm...food, just need to think of something else!:eek:

:candledinner: :serenade: :bananalove: :heartpump::heartpump:


loving being a loser
Thanks soo sooo much RR!! i think we may just have a 600cal meal of fajitas :D as they are my fave and you can make them quite low cal :D teehee i can go out for a meal next year when i reach goal :D haha well i hope .... positive thinking... haha yeah patrick swayze.. when i can edit my profile i will add a couple of pictures of my recent artwork :D
Oh yes, I'd love to see them :)

healthy eating meal, great idea! It is our wedding anniversary in 3+ weeks, already wondering what to have while hubby tucks into a curry :eek:...he can eat ANYTHING and doesn't gain an ounce :rolleyes: ...I'll probably settle on a salad, yum yum :eek:


loving being a loser
aww as its your anniversary cant you get him to eat something with you lol so you dont feel gutted ... my oh just eats the rest of any portion i leave so i have no temptation... he is the same weight as me but he is like 5 inches taller and a man and bulky so he doesnt look fat :D he can eat and eat and eat and doesnt gain... i do though lol so i gotta be good :) x
lol, he probably would eat the same dish as me, but then he would want something else!!! It actually tests my willpower :rolleyes: and I don't mind him tucking into something a little more tastier than my meal :eek:...maybe we'll just skip the meal and go straight to the candles and soft music :8855:

Hurray, almost lunch time...off for my soup, 'speak later'...be good! :)


loving being a loser
I am Absolutely sooo sooos soooo excited got the job at new look!!! i know its only new look but out of 15 applicants they picked me over a skinny minny!!! wooop 50% discount here i come!!! soo much inspiration to drop the weight!!! HEHEHE just thought i'd update you all haha :D xx


loving being a loser
Thankyou soo soo much ... definately i feel so proud to have beaten everyone else lol :D woop woop erm i start on saturday no messing about ... the sun is shining .... what a wonderful day!!! i am soo looking forward to buying a new wardrobe :D as i lose weight hehehe
Good luck on your 1st day:)

When you are in the frame on mind you are in right now...anything is possible..and do-able:D

have a great weekend!,,and look at all the lovely outfits to keep you motivated :)


loving being a loser
For Lent i have given up, takeaways, chocolate, crisps, cakes and bread... i started this when i began my diet 8days ago and havent caved so far and really dont plan to! i am feeling so strong at the moment! i think this time im back in the zone... i feel like no matter how long it takes i gotta take it day by day and make everyday a 100% day! everyday that passes by that is 100% means im one day closer to goal... one day closer to the happy healthy fitter me..!! im looking forward to the future now... im looking forward to my new job and the motivation that is going to bring!! just generally feeling good knowinh i am on track to change my life!!

first goal to get under 15st! done... next one... is to get under 200... i havent been under 200 since my 18th bday 2.5 years ago... and i am around 2 weeks away from being in the 100's i will get there :D good luck to any one that reads this :) xxxx

I'm doing okay thankyou :)

I update my diary daily on this page, so you can have a quick peek when you have time!

Like you I've given up lots of my 'usual' foods :eek: and changed to low fat versions of the food I've kept :D

Almost at the end of week 3 and it is easier as the days go by.

When do you weigh in?

I'm a monday morning scale hopper ;)


loving being a loser
im not finding it hard that ive given so much up that i would normally eat and im not craving... it is still early days yet though i guess lol im a thursday weigher! i will check out your diary :) x


loving being a loser
yukky ... i am noticing a bad breath for the last couple of days... im hoping this is ketosis... and not some kind of halitosis...lol just thought i would share that with ya ... yukky fingers crossed :) x
Thanks.. It's a long road but we get to the end if you stick to it!... I have another 1 and a half stone until I get to my goal.. they say 10st is my ideal weight for my height but I think I would look too thin.. plus I have big hips haha!! I am now back on the slimfast for the last part of dieting see how that goes.. Keep up your hard work!! :D

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