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Sweetcorn isnt free??



Strutting her stuff
You're right, tinned sweetcorn isn't free on a red day and neither are peas, parsnips, potatoes or sweet potatoes because they are higher in carbohydrate than other fruit and veg. The red plan limits your carb intake and so these are not free foods although you can have some as a HEB choice instead.
Sweetcorn is free on EE and Green but it's not free on Red - only baby corn is free on red.

Sweet potatoes aren't on the heb list for red days.


the regular "mature" sweetcorn is highly carby/calorific, meaning its treated as a starch along with the peas and parsnips. Its free on green/extra easy, but not super free.

Baby corn is very high in water, so low in calorie density, meaning it takes more to fill you up.

Sweet potatoes are much higher in sugar than normal potatoes, although they have a lower GI index, I don't know if that has something to do with why they are not a HEB.

Hope this helps.
You ladies are a fountain of Knowledge! Thank you so much! Luckily I only had a spoonful of s.c yesterday so all is not lost :D

Thanks again!

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