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Sweeteners YUCK YUCK


I want to be fitter again
I don't know, but wish I did. I hate the taste and worry about the aspartame. I think there's one called zylitol or something like that which is meant to be better for you, but no idea if it's still free.
I like Splenda the best, I use it in scan bran cakes and egg custard. it's much nicer than Canderel IMO
Rice pudding = cooked pudding rice and mullerlight.

No sweetner involved (but I only use Splenda and no nasty after taste!)
Or you could buy fruit sugar (I have a box here called Fruisana) and it's all natural and low GI though it's 3 syns per tbsp.


Xmas goal, here I come!
I hate all sweeteners. I loathe the chemical taste. Which in your opinion is the least chemically for cooking with. Want to make a rice pudding.xx
Have you tried stevia? Its an all natural plant extract sweetener.


Wants to be skinny
I have to agree with the Spendla also. I don't see the difference between that and real sugar. And it's great for cooking too!
The idea of rice pud made with rice and muller seems ok BUT sadly muller lights have sweetners plus they are no good for veggies :(

How about agave nectar (it comes in a squeezy bottle from tesco/sainsburys/others). 1 level tsp = 1/2 a syn. Its a natural sweetner from the prickly pith of a plant.

Do you like maple syrup ? Maple syrup 1 level tbsp = 2 syns. Maple Syrup – From the Maple tree, it’s sweeter than sugar and has its own distinct flavour, but with less calories. It also contains manganese and zinc (info taken from munchy seeds website!).
ok pudding rice with fuller for longer yoghurts then - you can do this with any yoghurt!
Hey Fallen Angel - I know you can use any yog, its just most of the fruit flavoured ones do have artificial sweeteners. I wonder about using a natural yog and vanilla extract if that might mean you dont need a sweetener ? Rice pud is a favourite however its made ! :)

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