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Sweetner addiction?!?!


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You say you're adding it to everything, is that just out of habit or because you genuinely want to make something sweeter? A bit like how people often add salt to things without even trying it without?

My only concern is that you'll get hooked on the sweetness of things, which just encourages you to want more sweet things!! (speaking from experience, that is)
I have to admit I've become quite hooked on black coffee with sweetener since starting this diet. It does stop me having tea/coffee with milk though, and from reaching for any other sugary snacks.
Jack - you've got a good point - i may jsut naturally assume i 'need' sweet yoghurt or cottage cheese so just sprinkle some on but now i love the sweetness - bit of a vicious cycle. Should maybe cut back. I used to drink tea and coffee without sugar but not anymore - yep i think i need to cut back. But runnerbean has a point - a hot sweet drink keeps me clear of other needs for sweet snacks.


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I'd advise you to cut down and only use it when you really need to. I think it was Jo who has often warned in the past about become too used to sweet things if you overdo the sweetener, making life more difficult with regard to sweet cravings when you try to get back to eating "normally" in Stab.

Also, Attack and Cruise should start to make your tastebuds appreciate tastes more (it did for me, certainly), so you may find that you don't need things to be sweetened so much in any case.


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Absolutely DD... it was me. People have often commented on my "preference" for savoury muffins. I smile and remind them why I make savoury and not sweet muffins! cos I like sweet things FAR too much!


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Have to agree about cutting back on the sweetness - one of the joys of moving to attack was discovering how naturally sweet carrots, or cherry tomatoes taste. I am now far more likely to reach for a box of tomatoes as a sweet treat than anything fruity or sugary.
What a good point - i hadnt thought about the benefits of appreciating naturally sweet veg or flavoursome savoury foods. I also have a problem with 'loving' sweet things, so to cut back will make it easier for the stab stage.... right, definitely need to change this habit. Thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts and words of wisdom!

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