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Swine flu jab

Bug*er me - has anyone had this? I feel like I've been hit by a truck and when you feel the injectin spot it's like a golf ball is wedged under the skin (although when you look at it there's nothing there)

Anyone else had the jab? Anyone else feel like poo? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big old wimp - have had some unpleasant treatments before and taken them in my stride (anyone who has had a bone marrow biopsy will be with me on this) but seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :cry:

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Felt ok though felt really tired on the day i had it and a bit spaced out so not sure if that was due to the jab!
But my arm! Ow ow ow!!
The day after the jab I could barely move my arm! Couldn't lift it at all!
I too had a red lump, infact the whole top of my arm swelled with this lump!
I still have a lump! And it is still red and a bit sore but is more itchy now! I had my injection Friday morning so it takes a while to go down!


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i got offered this at work, quite a few people had it and had a sore arm for a week!! they also felt a bit tired and under the weather. Ive decided not to have it. Many people still cant decide that i know!
Hope it doesnt hurt to long!! :] x
My OH had this on Saturday - he kept saying his arm was incredibly sore but when he looked there was no bruising or anything!

tbh I thought he was overacting a bit, but maybe not!
As long as I know this is normal I can deal

Thanks everyone

My 8 year old son had it on Fri, and was absoultly fine no sickness at all, tho my neighbours son and another couple of kids in his class had, had it and wasnt too well. My dad is due to get it, but someone he knows got it and came out the surgery and collapsed,and another one couldnt move his arm at all, so now my dad said hes not getting it.


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Everyone I know who has had it suffered from a very sore arm afterwards for a good few days.
I have been offered it at work but have turned it down. Didn't go down too well! :sigh:
Ooopsie - sorry, babes - probably not that bad just me being a bit of a tw*t - haven't slept for more than 3 hours in the last month (work/interview/life stress) - I bet it's not as bad as I've said



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I've had one vaccination and I have to have another one in a couple of weeks time - I didn't feel the needle go in although my arm was 'hot' for a couple of days, and besides feeling very tired I was OK.
we have all had swine flu already but my daughters asthmatic so should have the vaccination but i was put off by the nurse for the normal flu vaccine as she has allergies and is allergic to eggs which mean she could have a reaction to the jabs which could be worse than having the flu so im still in 2 minds
There is an egg free one available for people with egg allergies Natasha.

Im getting it on Thur - yikes!
oooooo i didnt know that but mind you my doctors pretty usless im changing surgerys next week so will speak to them thanks for that hun
Yes the egg free one is called Celvapan. You have 2 doses 3 weeks apart unlike the one shot vaccine Pandemrix.
My OH was told he couldn't have the seasonal flu AND the swine flu at the same time as it overpowers the immune system - he had them 8 days apart though he did have his pneumonia jab at the same time as Swine Flu.
OMG - sorry, didn't mean to panic anyone. Probably just me being a big old baby. Just feeling sorry for myself and having a big old pity party

It's not that bad really .......sorry - don't panic - it'll be fine

pity party - PMSL - I love that expression! :D

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